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Most Important Interview Questions in Library and Information Science

Can anyone share most important interview questions in the field of library now a days?

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Dear Madam,

All the questions can put up in the category of 'most important question' since there is always a certain mark assigned/fixed to each question. 

As per my opinion/knowledge, "What you can do for our library?" 

And, another assurance what interview committee wish to seek from the candidates is "building the library in the physical and digital environment using lesser capital".

Thank you.

Good question sir.  If u provide these questions with answer help ho jaye. Bcz we r fresher. According to school library thx .

In school library there are three curriculum.1.stateboard 2.CBSE3.ICSE4.CIE5.IB. each school library has own norm and rules and regulations.if you attend interview in CBSE school.  They will ask 

1.what are the norm to buy book for CBSE library 

2.NCERT books details 

3. How to arrange teacher's and student reading corner 

4. Weeding out norms 


6.library automation soft. 

Like each board school has different types of questions. So depends upon curriculum be prepare man.  Thanks 

Both, the questions are quite specific. There is no specific, solid answer to these question. 
Answers will vary with respect the time and location(library or organization)

For the first question, One must visit the library or website before attending the interview.

For the second question, "Prepare a plan in advance, how you will lead a project, what are the things would be requiring etc." 

Thank you

Dear Madam,

There are two kinds of library like Academic library have many types. school, college, and Universities. difference questions ask from difference institution. so Please mention particular either school or colleges. pls decide mam.

Thank you

Sir u know next books deatails


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