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Minimum standard for setting of Medical College Library and Hospital Library (DNB program) in India

Central library
There shall be an air-conditioned Central Library (2400 Sq.m) with seating arrangement for at least 300 students for reading and having good lighting and ventilation and space for stocking and display of books and journals. There shall be one room for 150 students inside and one room for 150 students outside. It 6 should have not less than 11000 text and reference books. In a new medical college the total number of books should be proportionately divided on yearly basis in five years.
The number of journals shall be 100 out of which one-third shall be foreign journals and subscribed on continuous basis.
The number of copies of textbooks in each subject of undergraduate teaching shall be ten.
There shall be provision for –
a. Staff reading room for 30 persons;
b. Rooms for librarian and other staff;
c. Journal room;
d. Room for copying facilities;
e. Video and Cassette room (desirable);
f. Air-conditioned Computer room with Medlar and Internet facility with minimum of 40 nodes.
Medical colleges should have skill labs and adopt information technology in teaching medicine. There shall be provision for e-library also.

Departmental Library
There shall be a Departmental library-cum-seminar room (30sq.m. area) with at least 80- 100 books. However, not more than two copies of anyone book shall be counted towards computation of the total number of books.

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Hospital Library (DNB program) in India

Please refer NBE website.  and Information Bulletin 2019.

Page 75. 

Point 4.65

1. Recommended text books with latest Editions Books for every accredited DNB specialty program.

2. International 02 Journals and 02 National Journals. Electronic Journals acceptable and Print not mandatory.  

3. Hi-speed Internet connection with PCs

4. Library with adequate seating arrangement.

5. Working hrs of 12 hrs X 7 days 

6. Well qualified Librarian with staff.


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