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Minimum Requirements for offering M.Phil. & Ph.D. degrees by universitiesb

Dear All,

I noticed that some universities which are coming up recently have started offering M.Phil. & Ph.D. degrees in LIS. They do not have a LIS department or teachers or professors who can meticulously plan and conduct the courses.They charge high amounts towards the fee. Professionals who want to secure degrees without much effort tend to join the courses.

How far do you think it is justified that the highest degrees which require scholarship and contribute for the development of the LIS profession are offered so casually. The departments/ universities offering M.Phil & Ph.D. degrees should follow certain systematic procedures in the selection of Research Supervisors, conducting workshops and training sessions in Research Methodology, use and application of statistical tools and techniques, presentations, seminars etc. before award of the degrees.
Please comment.

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ITS a very sad thing i agree with you .myself from DU and getting a degree from their is very difficult u all know ,both other universities giving it without much effort that degrades both our profession and our discipline.
Kindly discuss this with your faculty members and we all have to represent to the UGC against this.
I m agree sir ! there are not so good condition of LIS education providing by newly opened universities specially in private sector. I have a worst experience to share the same situation. In Mathura city a newly opened institute offered me as a lecturer, I was surprise whatever they offering me. There were 60 student in Blib and 60 in Mlib, but the faculty were only two, out of those one has completed Mlibsc and another Mphlil. none a single Doctorate was there in the faculty.
I was very disappointed with the situation over there.
And I argued with the Director. But they have given only lam excuses.
I think the final and ultimate objective of such institution is to get maximum profit only.
Dear Mr. Saini,
Thank you for sharing your experience. It is high time that Universities, colleges and LIS professionals have to rethink on the quality of LIS Education. Curriculum has to be revised keeping in view the latest developments in the subject. Most of the LIS schools are still teaching only the traditional concepts without the training component in using the latest technologies. LIS education should impart the necessary skills - communication, technological, inter-personal skills in order to be respected in the society.
When it comes to research, the researcher should select such a topic that it will be useful to the organization he or she works, or it makes a contribution to the subject. I have seen several dissertations which are done only for the sake of getting degrees. Some of them use the cut and paste options and copy content from the Internet which should be discouraged. A good quality research will help the profession to gain respect from the academic community.



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