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Can somebody provide What are the entries they are giving while issuing/returning of a document in manually?

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Your question is not that clear, but let me try....

Issue of books

1)When you Issue a book, you have to write the due date (date to return book) and the issuing person signature in the due date slip which was pasted in the book.

2) Take out the book card from the book pocket and write the User library id number and for security you can make the user sign in the card and also write the due date for future reference.

Return of books

1) when user return, take out the book card from your possesion and you may want to strike a line against what you have written in the book card. Then put the book card in the book pocket.

2) Also you may strike a line in the due date slip too.

For Documents, like a bundle of document (paper) not book

You can simply use a register, where you can note down the document number (Accession Number), borrower (user) ID number, date of issue, User signature.

Then, when they return the librarian may put his/her signature and for security reasons you may ask the user also to put his/her signature.

Hope, i answered you question to some extent. 

S.No Acc.No Title Date of issue Signature Received on Librarian
1. 4562 Tempted 19/10/2013 A 30/10/2013 Chhavinder

You can enter in the above manner


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