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Respected Professional, Librarian

Wish you a very happy Librarian's Day and Birthday of the Great S R Ranganathan

On the account of Librarian’s Day, it is my pleasure to wish you the same and an appeal with you all to work in such way so that you could be one who can fulfill the vision sought by the Great S R Ranganathan. The current situation of our professional's is not in good condition, we know it and it’s an open fact which can’t be denied. Being in same profession, it’s our responsibility to do our works by supporting others. We are celebrating the B’day of the Father of Librarianship in India, Dr. S R Ranganathan, who has sketched the library profession in a different way, he has given lots of knowledge to understand the things. We have to make the sketch clean and shining. 

Today, let us take an oath to work more than we perform. We always claim that it's a service industry, knowledge house, an organization, etc. In this regard, I would like to remind to renovate our domain by accumulating the inputs as if it is service industry, get ideas and skills from service industries; if it is knowledge center, take some knowledge from the knowledge hubs and originate some kind of precious knowledge; if it is an organization, follow some strategic plan and policy to be known as standard organization at the global platform. Follow the best practices in both the managements, organizational and personal; be more competent for future; make works and responsibilities structured and shared; no need to allot all the works on the head of an individual; don’t be influenced easily by someone, try to influence to community;  become your own model and role model. There is a Guide inside us, take reference from him/her, when no one is there to support you. Try to become a real librarian by choice not by situation. Be capable to quit and get jobs in other domains also. Be bold and always say, “I am librarian, jack of all trades and also master of all.” Make the promises in practice and move towards the best…

Thanking you...



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Well said "Jack of all trades and also master of all"...


Thank you Sir... for your valuable remark. 

Dear my librarian friend,

its a valuable reminder for us from your side. I am personally influenced and always keep in mind the significant statement ' librarian by choice and not by situation'.  

thank you so much Munesh sir....

I also take the opportunity to wish my all fellow friends a prosperous career ahead...



Thank you sir... 

It's pleasure for me to accept your remarks and wishes for Librarian's Day.

Your statement is quite genuine and a real wisdom.



Dear Mr. Munesh

A very Happy Librarian's Day to you. I believe a person can master perfection in only one field. The life span of humans is too short to master every thing. It should be " Jack of all trades and master of Information Science". Or master of any field in which the person has expertise like retrieval, processing, etc.

thanks sir,

for your valuable replies... you are right sir, limit is associated with human mind also, because nature limits everything, concrete and abstract, structured and unstructured and/or live and dead. 

taking you...  

12 August SRR Day

you are right Sir,

This day is known for SRR first then Librarian's Day.

-thanking you

Dear Mukesh Kumar

 I happened to read your librarian's day message.  it is really a touching message if you are really thing and doing things as librarian in real sense. We are here to help  the community to get all needy information they really need in this knowledge society. For this we have to equip ourselves to provide right information to the right people at the right time  as said by our Father of Library science Dr.S.R.R.  Being a library professional

you please extend your help at the most because you have been given the chance of helping  more people in your life by the grace of god.



Dear Ma'am

Thank you for the complimentary and qualitative remarks on my post. It is pride for me to get your remarks on important points and profession, which authenticate my views, toward it.

Thanking You...

Munesh Kumar


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