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Librarians are forced to teach a subject in the Undergraduate classes of engineering & forced to duty during examination.

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1.Ya absolutely, when the college, university librarian is equivalent to professors then why this type of difference occurs place regarding duties and something like that. 2. There is no vacancy in intermediate level colleges thats why so many library candidates are unemployed. We will have to do something for this.

in Intermediate system there is no contract faculty in library science and physical education. so, there are so many vacancies regarding these two faculties.

Really strange for librarians

No body can force to do other work except your duty if it happens we are with you always and I must write to IASLIC ILA and PM to look into this matter and save our profession 

you got any solution of above problem  or only for post on LISLINK.........................

Dear Jayant Deshpande

Who is forcing , College management or Principal or your boss (librarian).

librarian can teach, any how you got good opportunity to prove yourself. 

Why are librarians treated as group D staff in the school of west bengal though they have highest degree of education?

Dear Sadhana Madam,

I know Librarian is treated as group B staff in the Schools of West Bengal.

what subjects are you forced to teach? Is it that you are asked to give orientation about your library? What exactly can you please be specific?

Dear Sri Jayant Deshpande,

I am following your post (especially to see the responses)

It seems to be confusing to teach Engineering students by Librarians. I understand that in the first year, they are taught general course and one of my friend when joined a private Engineering College, he made it a point that he should be allowed to teach students. That friend of mine has M.Sc. M.Lib.Sc. & M.Tech (from IIT) and he volunteered to TEACH as in his opinion, he wanted to establish the fact that one can be a Teacher Librarian!! This way, he wanted to include the profession in the mainstream academia!!

We often claim that Librarians are teachers and we often put stress for teaching status but when the responsibility of teaching come into practice, why we express our grudge!! I appreciate Ms. Supriya Singh & Sri P.Y Giri's attitudes and fully support their gesture.

Regarding force to duty during examination,I could not make out what you really wanted to express. Is it that (1) to keep the Library open or (2) Librarians are put to duty in the examination hall as invigilators? if you have meant the second, what is the harm in it? Even junior staff too are involved in examination duty. For the first, what the Librarians should do for the examination days, to be at home and get salary for those days??

Finally, I admit that in private institutions, employees are often put into multitask duties so that the employers can get things done by deploying minimum staff (& minimum expenditure) this is quite unfair indeed.But for library professionals getting teaching assignments is a big gain for the profession. s/he can establish herself/himself as a "faculty" and in course of time can quite reasonably demand Faculty status & pay scales and if they are denied of such status & remuneration, they can certainly stop doing such "odd jobs"


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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