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One of our friend working as a librarian and saying that he changed the entire library furniture when he joined the job. Is it librarian's task or attender's task  to rearrange the furniture in library? Also he says he only purchased books for the library. Is he paid his money for the procurement of books? and also sometimes he says that the management told this he is the 'good librarian' , is the librarians working in other colleges are bad librarians? I dont know why our people behaves like this and doing self praising?.

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some where some thing is smelling ..............

Dear Sri Babu RT,

I have gone through your post.

I have taken liberty in dividing your comments in parts:

In the first part,  CHANGING the Library Furniture & REARRANGE them are two entirely different things. In your post you have mentioned that your friend claimed that s/he CHANGED THE ENTIRE LIBRARY FURNITURE. If it is the case, then certainly it is a part of the Librarian's job. In libraries we often see over-sized tables heavy wooden chairs with so many scratches over them that it often become difficult to use those tables for writing especially if you have just one or only a few sheets. If it was so, and a Library professional has changed them entirely, it is indeed commendable!! it reveals his/her wise sense to notice every minute details of the Library.  Rearrangement is also seems to be important if it enhance (a) aesthetic beauty of the Library (b) usability of the Library in the sense of better utilization of space, better coordination among different sections of library etc. Such rearrangements are not usually perceived by the attendants. If the management notice such abilities in a Librarian, certainly s/he will be praised.

The second part of your comment is Purchase of books by the Librarian; this is a natural activity of the incumbent. In virtually all libraries in the world ( except a few like diplomatic Mission Libraries etc.) Librarians purchase the books for the Library. This is of course no big deal. However, the use of the word "ONLY" in the phrase '.... he only purchased books for the Library...'  appears to be a bit confusing!! Does it mean that s/he purchase books according to his/her own discretion?? if it is so, this sounds to be sort of a bit autocratic!! Generally, books are recommended by teachers/researchers & purchased by the Librarians. Of course,  the librarians often purchase certain books  (which are supportive in nature) but not all the books for the Library.

Third part is abount being Called a Good Librarian by the authority. This is very good and worth appreciation. It motivates a person to perform even better.  But that does not make his/her other co-professionals bad Librarians!!  For instance, If Mr. Babu RT is a GOOD LIBRARIAN does not mean that I am a BAD LIBRARIAN, I may be equally good or even better!!  Well, jokes apart, people, by and large love self praising and self importance. It will be a lie if I say that I do not like "praise". So this is a very natural phenomena. Well, somebody express it while some are wise enough to hide such emotional outbursts.

Your last part is about Self Praising!! Well, if anybody wants to be happy with it, what harm will it do to others? the best option is to accept such self praising calmly with a smiling face and appreciate the fellow to inflate his/her ego. 

You will see that if s/he receives such "feedback" from most of his /her Co-Professionals, soon s/he will understand where does he stand among his/her peers!!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you for your reply Shri Siddhartha sir

Thanks Mr.Siddhartha Shankar Ray  I just like the way you cleared the things. Its on you how you take the thing or specify them. it shows our nature (Positive or Negative). I think Mr. Babu RT will also agree with your statement.

I appreciate you for understanding the matter in a positive way. 

I understand Ms Vandana


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