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Please list out the criteria that are to be considered to distinguish between Indian books and foreign books.

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Dear Ms. Ambika CA

Thanks for your post.
Regarding Indian Books, please see the Imprint section on the back of the title page. If it is an Indian Reprint of Foreign Company, it is printed over there. For Publishers having offices in several Countries (like, for example OUP (Oxford Univ. Press)/Sage etc. please see where from the book is published. Another tricky point is the ISBN. Generally in the 13 digit ISBN of Indian books first five digits are generally 97881 or 97893 in most cases. However, for International Publishers, they often provide single ISBN (Like Routledge's; 9780415; McGraw-Hill's 97800; OUP's 978019 etc.) The best way therefore is to consult
(i) the back of the title page (& the title page itself as well),
(ii) the front (& back of)the cover page and
(iii) the inside & outside of the back cover page

Thanking You,


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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