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Dear LIS Professionals,
It seems to be that there are a lot of fake profiles in LIS Links. This is not a healthy sign for LIS Links. Please suggest how to stop this, so that administrators may think on that and then make the changes accordingly. It should also be made compulsory for all male LIS Professionals to give their full work address and contact nos. in the profile.

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As an administrator we have our own trick to identify the fake profiles. Till now we have suspended 43 people for this reason. But we also need help from our members. It will be best if our members do not maintain duplicate profile and inform us when they come in contact with some suspicious profile pages. :-)
I am surprised to see that some of the professionals have kept his/her profile in privacy mode. I do not know the reason why? If someone has joined any social networking site then one should not keep his /her profile in privacy settings. How one will know him / her by seeing only photographs. I think we should believe each other and understand each other.
Obviously it is members responsibility. But how you know that many people make fake profile? Have you any idea for this or in past?
I am agree with you that female should also give full details, except their contact numbers. And yes I have come accross the fake profiles thats why raised this question.
I am agree with your point that if full details will be there then in case any body needs help, he/she may contacted.
To much of using social network can delay your regular library job.
Why only male LIS professionals should give full details? Why should not female professionals?
I am sorry to see your profile as private. Now tell me, how can i know that you are a library professionals? Just think, nothing else.
Sorry to closed this discussion for being moving to wrong direction.
All contents and comments of this discussion are edited and objectionable words and sentences are removed.


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