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How to Enter a New Edition of a Book in Accession Register in Place of the Old One

A user has lost a book. As the old edition of the book is not available in the market he bought a new edition of the same book and gave it to the library. Now how I can enter the new edition of the book in accession register in place of the old one.

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Dear Chriss Thomas,

Thanks for your post.

It seems from your post that you want to replace the new book in place of the lost one. In that case the replaced book will bear the same accession number. And here is your confusion.

Indeed. It is quite problematic.Suppose the lost book bearing Accession No. 23456 was purchased in 2013 having the 6th. Edition and you recorded it on 01/7/2013 in the Accession Register and it had publication date of, say 2012. Now the replaced copy is 8th. Edition & has publication date of 2018. Now it is quite confusing to record a book on 01/7/2013 published  in 2018. Never-the-less, the ISBNs of the two books will also differ.

You can proceed with the following exercises:

1. On the Remarks column of the lost book mention the details of loss

2. Now record the replaced book on the date of replacement and put the proper Accession no. and in the remarks column write "replaced copy of the book bearing Accession No. 23456 lost by so & so on....(write the date)"

3. Go back to remarks column of 23456 and write replaced with a new edition recorded in the Accession Register vide Accession No. ... (enter new accession No. & date of Replacement)

But first of all, keep your authority Officially informed about the loss & replacement.

hope I could explain to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha Shankar ray, Calcutta

thank you sir.

one of my friend told me to enter that book with different acc. no.


I have another doubt also. One student missed one book and that book is not available in the market. Student replaced the book with same title bit different author. Then what shall i do ?

Dear Sri Chriss Thomas,

Thanks for your comment.

Your friend is absolutely correct. You can certainly enter the REPLACED Book (Newer Edition) on the actual date of receipt bearing different Accession No. 

In that case:

1. You have to write in the remarks column of the Lost Book ".. The book is lost by sri...... reported on ..... and replaced with a copy of new edition (name the Edition) which is recorded into the Accession Register vide Accession no...(write the Accession No. of the new  book)

2. On the Remarks column of the REPLACED BOOK you have to write ".. This book was replaced by Sri... (Name of the student & brief details for identification like Roll No. & Year with stream) against the lost book of same title & Author (mention edition of the lost book) bearing Accession No. (write Accession No. of the lost book"


3. You have to paste a paper over the inside from cover of the Accession Register mentioning account of Lost Book & its replacement details. In case you are a govt. funded organization, this exercise is mandatory and you need to get it signed (endorsed) by the Audit Officer during their IMMEDIATE NEXT VISIT.

Now coming to your recent issue of lost book, Inform your authority OFFICIALLY before accepting it. You can accept only AFTER getting FORMAL OFFICIAL APPROVAL of your Authority.

For your safety, keep a scanned copy of the approval note in your personal custody.

Hope I could explain the issue to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

thank you very much sir for your immediate response.

Difficulty maintain in software also.

Best option as my view is collect the amount of book and weeding out from accession register and software. 


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