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How Consortium are useful to reduce the "Digital Devide" special reference to India ?

India is emerging as a laboratory for testing out new technologies and information models for reducing the digital divide between urban and rural people in India.

Inadequate Internet and telephone connectivity to India's rural areas, where more than 70 percent of India's population lives, is a key challenge for a number of government agencies, NGOs, and multilateral aid agencies.
Are these networks and consortium adequate to develop products appropriate for India's rural areas?
"Our technological focus has been on three areas -- making information technology available, improving the connectivity options for those outside the big cities who do not currently
I would like to know the role and activities of some important networks in this regard.

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if u see reasonably every isp/cell provider claims coverage al most collectively all states and all places of the country. If the govrnment makes changes in legislation to effectve use of the cpacity of these networks for connecting your library net works you may achive easily


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