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Guidelines and tips for preparing a website and how to write a blog

   Dear All,

         Wish you all a happy and healthly new year.

      I know to want about :

          1) how to prepare website for library  ? and

          2) How to start a blog ?

       Please suggest or furnish with guidelines for the same.


    Ms. Archana R. Prasad
M.Com, M.L.I.Sc , NET (LIS)
E-mail :

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Dear Madam

 Your can create your blog/ website in 2.zoomla 3.Drupal 4.blogspot  ( they will give instructions)


You can create your free blog on blogger and wordpress, where you can update your daily blog. For advanced website call on 9555739333.

Dear mam,

Pl check one of my blog/website created for one of my friends library


its very easy

go through for html coding.


Ajit P

Dear Madam,

If you are interested in creating website/blog there are some points you need to know first.

1. The basic difference between website and blog is, generally, website main page/home page is a static page whereas blog contains its first page as post page (just like your facebook wall).

2. If you are thinking these for your library then you should go for creating a website rather a blog. You can maintain a blog for your library for providing regular updates on the library.

3. Both free and paid version options are available for creating website/blog. If you are looking for a free version to create a website then WordPress (best), Joomla, Drupal, Google Site is the best option. You can create it directly online. A small thing is noted here that your website URL will look like ( or the same.

4. If you are looking for purchase domain ( then hosts sites like godaddy is providing the same at the very cheap rate. You can make your own site through a CMS and provide it to the host for uploading on the internet.

5. If you are thinking about blogs then WordPress, Google Blogger is the option. The domain concept remains the same here.

Hope this small concept will help you for creating a blog/website. Further queries are most welcome.

All the best.


       Dear All,

         Wholehearted sincere Thanks to one and all for recommending varied suggestions and guidelines for my query.


  Archana Prasad


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