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What are the components expected or involved generally in Green Library? Is there any library in India which started/implemented the Green Library initiative? 

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Dear Sir,

Green Library is all about saving the energy and helping the environment/nature by means of its routine practices. Green library concept is a compound-complex plan in which a small unit of energy matters, which could be a blick of our mouse light. 

A green library can be build or figured out by various means such as building direction, Natural lighting, Hardware-software components, power saving lights fans etc. 

The frequent term, "energy start" or "energy saver" concept may be the substitutes of green concept. 

Thank you. 

Thank you Mr Munesh. Nice description and it's useful to everyone in this forum

Thank you for the appraisal, Sir.  

Dear sir 

Karnatak University Dharwad has created green library for its students.

you can refer the following link.

Thanks Mr Mahesh for the information

The Central Library of Panjab University named A.C. Joshi library utilizes natural lighting. Even for the ground floor there is a part-glass wall that gives ample light to study. For further floors, sun-facing part of the building has glass on it that allows natural sunlight to lighten up the halls during daytime. The library was inaugurated in 1963.

You may see its images on Google.

Thanks Mr Vineet. Was this library inaugurated in 1963? Marvelous! 


Green Library

If we talk about the old buildings and setups we would find that those set of the building were closed to adoption/using the maximum natural resource like sunlight, wind, and cooling as well. 
Only the things there was no use of computer, servers and other machines. 

The modern concept of Green ecology/system is something controlling waste of energies generated by artificial means or technology and use of natural resources. 

I have also visited many old institutions where buildings are made to survive in all types of weather of the particular geography. Punjab University may be an example in the context.

Thank you. 


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