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Respective professionals, 

         I am getting some problem while using KOHA. After cataloguing in case of search through Barcode No. exact information is not coming. For e.g. if I put the barcode no. such as 112 then several title arrives after clicking search option.

        Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thanking You

Saurav Jyoti Laskar

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Dear Saurav

I think it may not be known as a problem, its a feature of software, which is showing/ displaying all the possible results,  titles which are related to the searched one. It generally happen in general searches. If you share the screen shot of your screen, then we may come to know the exact thing.

Thank you...

Dear Saurav

If you want to get exact information go to advanced barcode search  in koha then you can get particular title 

Dear Sir,
I am also agree with Munesh sir and Haskar ali sir's advices it is not a problem but it is a feature of KOHA LMS please you go through specific Barecode search option then it will shows you your desirable Title only. Other with its shows all the possible result/related titles.



Barcode No. exact information,  search as bc:Barcode No.( Bc:112)

Thank you so much sir.

Dear Sir

Please find attached file for more details.


After searching I have found many titles, not the exact title. Among these titles I can find the required title but it is time consuming. Hope you will understand this situation in the following pdf files.


Pradeep Kumar Singh Sir. I am getting the required information from your reply. Thank You so much

Thank you all the respective professionals for your advice.

In Koha Barcode No is equivalent to Accession Number. If you want to search a particular document you type barcode=accession number (example barcode=199) from search menu.

I think Prdeep Sir's previous method is less time consuming. According to him we can search (e.g.- bc:112, then click search option. After that exact title will come.)


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