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Dear Professionals,
We are in the process of reviewing discount policy for purchase of books, especially old editions, for our library.
We would appreciate if you could share your discount policy towards the purchase of Indian Priced Titles, Foreign Priced Titles and Hindi Titles, for latest and old editions along with year and discount

With Regard & Thanks
Narender Kumar

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Dear Sri Narendra Kumar,

Thanks for your post.

The easiest way is to fix up your own discount rate and ask the vendors to supply on that basis. Only those vendors who are willing to supply on that rate will turn up.

I could not make out  the reasons for purchasing "Old Editions"

I have no idea what is the type of your institution, whether it is government funded or private institution, Because for Govt. institutions, as a Librarian, you have to  get written instruction from your competent authority to this effect before proceeding to purchase old editions of books. Otherwise there is every possibility to get stricture from Audit party!!

Never-the-less, unless there is specific reason (like purchasing First Edition of some particular book for some distinct reasons) purchasing of old editions may attract queries from UGC/NAAC.

Never-the less, "Old Books" some times, are treated as archival items and in stead of allowing discount, they often are sold in higher price. From my personal experience, as a govt. funded  research institute, I bought some old books with cost price Rs.1.25 (One Rupee Twenty Five paise) or 08 annas (meaning 1/2 of a Rupee) paying as much as Rs. 200/- & even more per book.  We constituted a committee of faculty (both internal & external) to ascertain price of old books!

In case you are in a private funded organization, your job will be easier but the possibilities of queries from outside agencies (like UGC etc) are more pronounced!!

Another option is to follow discount rates enjoyed by other institutes of similar nature. But to remain on the safe side, always keep documentary evidences in your personal custody.

Hope I could explain the issue to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you, sir, for your valuable reply 


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