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Hello Friends,


This is my first post in this forum & I am thankful to Dr. Badam Barman Sir for this forum.

Here I want to know from you that, is there any digital library software which can give full text access to uploaded documents but can restrict the document from printing, copying or downloading while accessing it.


I am looking for the solution over the problem as explained below. I am handling my library with the help of Libsys7 library automation software and this software has facility to attach/upload the multimedia files such as PDF, WORD, IMAGE etc. and these files are viewable in OPAC while searching for the accessioned book or document. It gives the "E" symbol as icon of Internet explorer browser in WindowsXP. So users can access the attached PDFs through the OPAC. Even it can restricts the SAVE, PRINT, DOWNLOAD option while viewing the PDF in Web OPAC of Libsys7. But due to JAVA script some PDFs are becomming blurish, even unreadable. And also LIBSYS7 is not a digital library software so its purpose seems to be automate the library transactions, housekeeping and really not used as digital library software.


So, I request you to please share your experience with me if you know how to prepare a digital library software for restricting the access to PDF download, Print & Save options. So it can only give access to view and not allow to Download, Save and Print it.


Thanks & Regards,

Pradeep Bachhav

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You are thankful to me and I am thankful to you for joining this site.
Actually there is no proven way to stop copying, printing and downloading a document that is available over the web. However you can impose some restriction- some of them are browser specific.
You can restrict copying and printing in the document properties, to stop the facilities of downloading - try to embed the document within some custom design code. Search over web for that. You will find plenty of them.
To Stop copying and printing, kindly follow the following steps
a) Covert your .pdf / .doc / .docx and other files to image. - it will stop copying text.
b) Now again convert the document to the .pdf format through Primo PDF- to stop printing facility.



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