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Current Trend in Recruitment of LIS Professionals for Library Trainee and Library Intern at IIM, IIT and NIT

When going through the job advertisement some Institutions require hands on experience for the Job title Library Trainee, and some Institutions need post graduate MLIS candidates for the same. In some Institution the maximum age limit is 35 for trainee job and those are the current trends.

Do A Library Trainee or Library Intern need hands on experience in library software application for job title Library Trainee?

Why they need a post graduate?

Who is a Trainee ?

A trainee is commonly known as an individual taking part in a trainee program or a graduate program within a company or Institution after having graduated from university or college, both are designed mostly for young people, combining work with training and preparing young people for their future careers by helping them to become 'work ready'.

To Whatsoever Look through the tables below to gain a better understanding


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Thanks sir.. But i hv already chekd there but didn't get information regarding it... But i will try again.. 

Ms. Sonali,

A candidate having diploma certificate in LIS is rarely called for Training in Govt. Institutions. The reason is, Diploma is a very basic degree/certificate. If you want to learn the library things/activities then you can directly call/email to the nearest institutions, and request/ask for training/work.

And, focus on your BLIS and MLIS to get a good number(above 7 CGPA) and knowledge justifying your obtained grade/marks.

Thank you. 

Thanks for your support sir.. Actually i hv done b. Lib from ignou... My 8 subject result is updated but 1 subject is not update till now... So just just waiting for the last one... If you have any vacancy then kindly suggest me..... Thanks again sir.. 

I agree with Sonali. Because I tried more time and all went vain.

Actually i m searching..... I need experience in library science field.. I want to be practical with it.... 


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