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Can We Accept Sample Copy as a Donated Book in the Library

Can we consider the sample copy that we received from the publishers / suppliers as donated books and enter in the accession register.

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A sample copy is not for distribution. However we do distribute/issue books in library. I doubt if sample copy may be acquired by the library in its stock. 

Dear Ms. Mamta,

Any book acquired by the Library free of cost are regarded as "gift".

 In that sense, sample copies are also 'gift' as they are received for free.

Books donated/gifted to the Library by individual or institutions should be recorded in a separate Accession Register with alphabetical prefix coupled with Accession No to specify the identity of the individual book. (like we put only numerical Numbers for books in Accession Register. Now for books received for free as gift/donated/specimen/sample copy we can use any letter like A,B, C, D  before the particular Accession No). .Say for example,  you recorded a gifted book in your Library and it is 123rd. book . you can put the No.G123 to specify the book as gifted book (using the letter G for gift as a prefix) by this way you can distinguish the book from the one bearing Accession No.123 in your main Accession Register.

Hope I could explain the issue to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 


I think we should entered gifted book in the same accession register & in the remark column mentioned donation details. 


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