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Dear friends,

Kindly suggest me for online or printed books or literature on library consortiums.

Thanks & regards,

H Karthiban


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Dear Sri Karthiban Harikrishnan,

Thanks for your post.

As I can recall, there are several articles on Library Consortia & INFLIBNET/UGC-INFONET in UNIVERSITY NEWS.

Besides I have read a good article by Dr. Preeti Mahajan of Punjab University( it may be Punjabi University; I can not remember exactly!) in IILR (Intl Inf. & Lib. Rev) published probably in 2012/2013 on Library Consortia & UGC INFONET. It is an Elsevier Journal & I believe you will get reference in the Internet.

Incidentally, I have left all the reprints/copies of papers I had collected over the years at my last institute before my retirement. As such,  What I am writing, is from my memory only. Besides, you may consult the link a href="" target="_blank">;

It is Ms Horton's Overview on Library Consortia. I believe it will give you an insight to the basic issues of Library Consortium.

In case you have access to Guide to Indian Periodical Literature, you may get some more Indian articles/Articles on Indian perspective about Library consortia. It is a Quarterly publication with One Annual Volume which is a cumulation of all the four issues. In case you have access, you can consult the annual issues only and you will get to know of all articles  for a year. 

You can also go through the paper by Dr. Jagdish Arora on INFLIBNET/UGC-INFONET published in Current Science (probably in 2013) You can get free pdf of the full article from Current Science Archive.

I am sorry as I could not provide you the exact references/citations but I believe that you may collect them with some serious efforts.

Good Luck for your search

Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Respected Dr. Siddhartha S. Ray,

Thanks a lot for your detailed, great information. It is really very useful information & guidance. I will follow the same.

I have observed your replies to professional's queries in LIS forum several times, You have used to give detailed clear information which very useful to the professions. I wish to convey my thanks for the guidance, support and spending your precious time to respond to the queries.

I would like to get few more information from you. kindly share your email id or mobile number.

My email id:

Mobile No. 8428128007

Thank you! 


H Karthiban



Thanks Sri Karthiban Harikrishnan,

As a co-professional, I try to respond to the posts on the basis of my capabilities; just as that.

If my replies are found to be helpful/useful for the forum members, I certainly feel happy and be grateful to my teachers and associates from whom I get to know of those things. I also always thank my jobs & assignments which taught me to learn things which I try to explain in my posts.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


Respected Dr. Siddhartha S. Ray sir,

Thanks for your acknowledgment & remembering your teachers and associates.

Have a nice day!


H Karthiban


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