Do we require book pockets , book cards in automated library procedures where we have pasted barcode labels on each book ????

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Don't require book pockets , book cards in automated library.

Barcode Labels paste with white cello tape

You can paste Title page, Secret page and Book Jacket (top left corner) is very useful for  stock verification scaning.

No requirement for any book pockets , book cards in automated library.

Generate bar-codes. affix them preferably at title page and on the page where due date slip is affixed. This will help you in avoiding to turn pages while making transactions. You may also affix a bar code on the front/back cover of the book.

Dear Gulfaiz,

Respecting all your experience and views, I feel that there is no need for book card and book pocket system in an automated library. During heavy rush (generally in academic library) there is a probability of mistakes. But if you maintain a simple register for issued and returned documents in the circulation counter, it will be enough for cross checking. Keeping book pockets, book cards will unnecessarily burden the work in a bar-coded automated library.

Thanks to all for your suggestions...


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