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Assigning of Book Number for Books Without Author or Editor


I am working in a reputed engineering college in Kerala as Asst. Librarian. I have a doubt related to assigning of book number for books without author and editor.
We are assigning the Book number by taking first three letters of Publisher in the following scheme.
For example: Title:  "Gate books in electrical engineering"
Publisher : G. K Publications
Call Number:  Class Number +GKP
We found that textbook without author or editor but books used to have publisher. So can we assign the Book number by taking first three letters of Title or Publisher.

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yes we can use publisher first three letters.

Thank you madam for the reply. We have been using the publisher but a new chief librarian suggested to chose the Title. 

Dear Mr. Sudhir,

Thanks for your post. I thinks that all of us face such dilemma in our professional career. Regarding such books when you prepare Catalogue, what becomes the Main Entry? the Title or the Publisher? As for this particular book, do you do the Main Entry under GKB Publisher? What ever the case be,you should take first three letters of the item you have used as heading in your main Entry. We have been using this system since long. The Call No. speaks about the heading in the main entry as well. There are important series in Social Sciences. One of them is called 'New Cambridge History of India'. It appears prominently on the title page and users mostly asks for the books as New Cambridge Cambridge History...., that is the series. We make this title as the main Entry though actually it is a series.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you for the reply

Dear sir ans is not clear

Dear Sri Brijesh Kumar Chaurasia,

Thanks for your post. But, first, I must apologise for the grammatical mistake appears in the very first line of my previous post.

Now  coming to the context,  you have not mentioned which part of my post seems unclear to you (Or, is it that the entire post is not clear to you?)

The issue is how to put the book number for Books without Author's name. (You know that the first three letters of Author's surname are used)  My comment was, to see under whom the Main Entry is made (generally it is made on the basis of Author's Surname.followed by forename; isn't it?) If it is made under the Publisher (Corporate Authorship), then first three letters of the publisher should  be included. If the Main Entry is made on the basis of Title, it will be the first three letters of the Title (barring of course the 'articles') That is why I proposed to check the Main Entry. That's all!

I hope I could explain the issue.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 

Thank you sir

It  was very helpful....


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