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Applying 7th CPC to the Person Who Already Got M.Phil. / Ph.D. Increment as per 6th CPC

UGC accepted the Pay Review Committee (PRC) recommendations on 22nd February, 2017.

The MHRD issued the notification on 2nd November, 2017 vide No. 1-7/2015-U.II(1).

According to the new notification "The Date of Implementation of the above revised pay shall be 1st January, 2016" (Refer. Point 7, Page 4, MHRD Notification No. 1-7/2015-U.II(1) issued on 2nd November, 2017).

Again, as per the 7th CPC notification there shall be no advanced increment for M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Now the question is

If a person is awarded his/her M.Phil. / Ph.D. degree after 1st January, 2016 but before 22nd February, 2017 (the date of acceptance of the PRC by UGC) and also join an institute within that period in a permanent post,  he/she already got increments for M.Phil./Ph.D. applicable at that time as per 6th CPC.

Now his/her M.Phil./Ph.D. increments will be denied or his/her pay will be restructured in the light of 7th CPC?.

As notifications don't have retrospective effect and in the clause 8 of the 7th CPC notification on increment of the M.Phil./Ph.D. no specific date is mentioned, I feel that the person who already got increment for M.Phil./Ph.D. shall be entitled for the increments.

Kindly suggest me if I am wrong.

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very truee

Hindi me bataiye, iska kya matlab hai?

librarian हो तो ट्रांसलेट करना आता होगा

Actually, this depend on the interpretation of the rule by the concern admin, I know one of the case where phd increments have awarded in June 2016 despite the 7th CPC apply w.e.f. 1st Jan 2016.

Yet, the admin may denied to give phd benefits.

The government of India has decided to revise the Pay scale of the Central Employees working in the various Organization including teacher’s lecturers and Assistant Professors in Various Colleges and Universities. This would benefit more than 8 lakhs teachers.Check out more details for UGC 7th Pay Commission from here.

The Meeting of the University Grant Commission has also decided to make effective the 7th Pay for Institution under UGC board. The entry pay would result into the growth by 22 to 28 percent

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