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Dear All,

Please guide me, can we add e-books in the (actual purchased) books accession register?

Thanks & Regards,

Namrata Doabriya

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Off course yes

Dear Namrata Ji,

Very nice question you asked.

Where every collection in a Library should have a systematic record, then why not an E-book.

E-books may be assigning with accession numbers.

But these may not be entered in the Main Accession Resister (Print Books) of the Library.

In my view, E-books may entry in a separate accession resister which will be easy to identify the quantity of the collections in print as well as Electronic.

If we assign accession numbers and entered in Library's automation software, the result will be helpful to search the book titles in the OPAC, and show the library users that which formof this collection is available in the library i.e. print form of electronic form.

The accession register may be defined as "An official administrative document where all objects/documents in the collection should be listed in it in chronological order of accession number.  It serves as the basis for setting up the Library's entire documentation system."

Thanks for replay and your valuable answered.


Actually e-books are something which are different than print collection. We can't treat them exactly as print books. You can make or complete cataloguing(for organized presence) but accession number is not relevance here. Publisher gives the MARC record which can be used in cataloguing. If you list all the e-books then you will be having serial numbers which are equal to accession numbers. Its not going to be issued nor the are subject to be to theft, no physical presence so damage and weed out is not applicable. 

In addition to the presentation, you can ask publisher's to provide a cloud based web-page at displaying all the eBooks with all features of filtering, searching, sorting, counting, compiling other as applicable. 

You can also device your own metadata or you can take from publisher's site too for managing an e-book. Maintain your accounts total number of e-books and their individual prices. There supposed to be a robust metadata for e-books so that you and your can extract the subscribed content even after many decades. 

That's all.

Thank you. 

Thanks for replay and the correct guidance.

Dear Mam,Please find attached file.


Thanks for the answered with good example.

Hi everyone,

     I am working in a  reputed engineering college in kerala, As per the AICTE norms 50% of total number of Titles and Volumes each can be in the form of e-books.

Suppose we are purchased some e books is it add in the separate register with serial order from the main accession register? or start from 1,2,3......?

can we count and provide total volumes purchased to the library including the e book?

Please reply your comment this will be helpful to the users. If you have any supporting document please attached along with it.

Sl. No.

Total No. of books

No. of Title

No. of Vol.

No. of Magazine

No. of Journal

Year wise Accn No. (eg. 2016 - 2017, 2017 - 2018, 2018 - 2019)

Estd year to conti.. year Accn Regi. (eg. 1 to ....2000)

Navnit patel

        Your answer is not my question?


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