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7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) - Revision of Pay of College and University Teachers

Some highlights from 7th Central Pay Commission(CPC) - Revision of Pay of College and University Teachers.

1. The first academic level (conesponding to AGP of Rs.6000) is numbered as academic level 10. Similarly, the other academic levels are 11, 12, 13A, 14 and 15.

2. The lndex of Rationalisation (lOR) is 2.67 for present AGP less than Rs.10,000 and 2.72 for the AGP of Rs.10,000 and above.

3. The date of implementation of the above revised pay shall be 1st January, 2016.

4. The incentive structure is built-in in the pay structure itself wherein those having M.Phil or Ph.D. degree will progress faster under CAS. Therefore, there shall be no incentives in form of advance increments for obtaining the degrees of M.Phil or Ph.D.

Download the 7th CPC Revision of Pay from the following link

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Dear Sir,

Very first I wish to congratulations to all the professionals who will be benefited with this 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) - Revision of Pay of College and University Teachers.

But my question is that why only the University/College Teachers/University Librarians/ Deputy Librarians and University-Assistant Librarian/College Librarians(Degree Colleges) comes under this particular norms which is set by UGC. Why not Assistant Librarians and other library staff of Degree Colleges benefited with this so called UGC rules and regulations. Isn't this injustice  to other library staff.

Assistant Librarian of colleges are not under UGC s jurisdiction. Its an non academic post

Point 4. discourage the LIS Professionals to undertake PhD as there will be no incentive for direct recruitment.

Library professional are not doing for professional development these issue should take by ILA and
other library association and should open  promotional channel for other library professional till Librarian post.  Net/Set Ph.D are consider as Library professional and other Library Assistant,Those, Who have Master in Library and  work experience not consider for Assistant Librarian post in University level.UGC should consider the issue for other Master Degree Holder  and experience Librarian for upper post.

Dear Sir, 

       Regarding the UGC 7th Central Pay Commission(CPC). My query is, this rules applicable for Private Engineering College Librarian OR only Govt College Librarian ? (without NET/SET) Because off in my District some of the engineering college librarians not getting minimum pay OR Basic pay. So Where is this Rules / Regulations Applicable.  


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