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Ghostwriting: I will pay, you write for me, can be affected for academics and API scores

Ghostwriting is not a latest trend. It has been following from many years, Most of the politicians, officials, Celebrities, Executives are having their own ghostwriter to write speech or a statement for them.

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a paid service, a Ghostwriter will write for others for money or for other complements on behalf of a person who paid money for him/her.

Is ghostwriting Plagiarism?

Ghostwriting is not comes under plagiarism, However it’s a constitute fraud and unfair.

How Ghostwriting affect for academics?

  1. Ghostwriting will decrease the quality of a research
  2. Unsuitable person will get a job or awards for his/her writings but actually which has been written by someone else
  3. It’s make unhealthy competition among the competitors
  4. It will affect the true researcher in case of API scores
  5. ‘Wrong person’ will get selected for ‘Right position’ for their paid services

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It will not much harm for you and me because we are already working, This practice will much harm for Pre-Employment (Particularly in the time of Govt. Jobs where they are following API scores). Undeserved person will be shortlisted for his/her writings actually which have been written by others (Might be their guides, academicians, Paid writers etc.).

It's my concern....!

I understand your points but I am not in the same row of your philosophy. You are thinking it as challenge or problem whereas I am looking an opportunity(50%) and also out of context(50%). I am employed or in position to search a new job has no business with others. It's my luck and labor which will only help me(same applies to all others). If others are having much influence(someone can write) or wealth(can buy the papers) why should I be sad or worried? 
As in my very first comment mentioned it is the topic of no relevance. 

Please excuse if my words scope any hard word.

Thank you. 

Dear Sri Siddu M. Huded,

Thanks for addressing a very critical and extremely important issue.
Before proceeding further in this aspect, I must confess that this is my third effort to reply to your post!! Earlier in two occasions, My machine started functioning erratically and my post was not saved. Never-the-less, as the machine does not accept "Sign Out" option I had been remaining Online all through making me extremely vulnerable!! The successive interruptions in writing the post It reminds me of a shair
Well, I am not sure whether my post will be so hard stuff but as one can understand the issue itself warrants certain unpleasant comments. I must confess that my comments are general in nature and not to be taken personally.
As a prologue, I can say that the issue is rather age old. Even Mughal Emperors have composed Ramayana & Mahabharatha which are called “MUGHLAI RAMAYAN/MAHABHARATHA” by the ‘Pundits’ of their Royal Court on behalf of the emperors!! I got this information from one very eminent history professor and if need be, I hope I will be able to provide reference! The matter was known and often people took it as their love & respect to other religion.
Now a day, the issue of Ghostwriting is opposed as it affects career prospects of people. But the matter seems to be commonplace as we all know how parents themselves do the “Project Writing” of their children even in elementary schools. Here the system itself is more responsible as they demand something which virtually no children can do by themselves.
A couple of years ago an article in Nature alleged against Scientists of a particular country [Nature 463; 2010, pp.142-243 & Science News (AAAS) Nov. 20, 2015] (I have not provided the links deliberately as they are allegations only and my objective is not to malign anybody be it an individual or organization or a country!)
The strongest point against ghostwriting is that it makes avenues for seemingly incompetent persons superseding deserving individuals which I personally feel absolutely unacceptable! Certainly it enables some individuals to make money. But what one can say for those individual who sits for competitive examinations for Medical or Engineering Entrance or for Banking or other selection processes. Undoubtedly, they do it against money. We all know that making money is no evil, but it is a crime, if done illegally.
In academic arena, ghostwriting casts its black shadow over deserving candidates by illegally increasing API scores of a person who is not so competent otherwise. (It is an undenying fact that generally competent persons do not need a ghost writer!) As I mentioned earlier regarding elementary schools, the higher education departments should think of some more and better alternatives for assessment . Admittedly, in a system of “Publish or Perish” such malpractices cannot be fully eradicated (like theft of library books!) but certainly can be curbed to a considerable extent (as libraries install RFID/CCTV etc) if the authorities take up the issue seriously and implement stringent policies to put a stop on it.
To sum up, in my opinion, as the proverb goes, it takes two hands to make a clap and here too both the parties should be made equally responsible and subjected to equal action(s).


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear Siddu Sir,

I have gone through your post and thought that you have pointed/raised an issue on/about something illegal. But as long as I gone through the comments it seems you have got heart on someone's achievement which he/she don't deserve (may be I am wrong). No doubt your topic of discussion is an important matter to discuss but, I feel there is nothing to take it personally and if there is something, than take it in a positive way as Munesh sir and Siddhartha sir have advised. Let me give you an example of my personal experience-

When I was in graduation I have done some final projects of others on paid basis. I was thinking at that time these projects are valueless and waste of money/energy/time and so on. How these people are? Useless fellow, don't have minimum knowledge/guts to complete their own project(s). But when I was in my MLIS course, the pressure of preparing projects is so much and huge that many times I thought to complete those by someone else (however I have done myself).

So its not necessary that someone is completing his/her projects by someone else is always wrong. In some cases it affected morally/ ethically. Trust me I have seen so many people receiving big things which they don't deserve, it hearts me. But practically you can't prove them wrong until it affected the plagiarism rules. Don't raise your voice against the pocket money funds of the unemployed people (jokes a part). Till then I think we should stick to "if they can why not I/We?" Pardon me if something hearts you.


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