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Dear Professional Friend,

Each and every stage of learning/education we appear in exams and pass them for getting eligible and growth in career. As we grow college exam reduces and made us concentrate on specific areas. We become specialize in a particular subject area slowly. The motive behind this arrangement is to make a concrete, advanced problem solving, skillful, professional, expert, so on. 

I have been in contact of many aspirants (graduate appearing in different State and Central Govt. dept. jobs. As we have experienced that a state govt. vacancies take much time to complete than an academic organization vacancy. After one or two year’s preparation they take admission in Library and Information (any professional course for job guarantee etc.). After completing Library Course they try to get job in Libraries also along with the same exams. After complete a professional course they caught in to two problems (earlier they use to have only when they use to write only competitive exams).

I have felt that when we try for two different exams, we need to share our energy, time, mind, money etc. The situation becomes weaker, uncontrolled and performance goes down.

I don’t know how much time and concentration for a competitive exam is required and to be given for success. But, a good job in Library domain is requires to have good understanding on basics; definitions, fundamental procedures, how to do? Scope of subject, current development and growth taking place in profession, advance knowledge of IT for effective works, professional communication, apart it other issue associated with publication and protection etc.

There might be few good, extra ordinary student, who can do all these exercise together but for a average, trying for the benefits of both the sides is really very complicated and difficult.

I/we have been advising them to fix a target first, leave other businesses then start preparation. If you will be trying for various exams you will be losing your attempts, age etc.

This post is for all of them, who are following similar practices, advised to choose only either competitive exams or Library exam, the journey of success would be shorter. 

Thank You.

Kindly share your views.

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Sometimes to get a   success in library science is very hard .Its test your patience.Most of the student they are in dilemma in middle whether to continue  the library profession or not.Its my personal observation the salary structure is fancy and glamorous  in central govt. job. not in state govt job.See the salary structure of a state govt job.Similar to an attender and the number of vacancy is also very less


Come to the success in library science professional  opportunity if u get a job in your early stage of carrier

its fine , then automatically  your opportunity will rise and grow.for example in a job vacancy  person should have this amount of grade pay for this number of year experience.In the mean time your age will be over and what abut the fresher? 

One more aspect :Just calculate the last five batch passed out student from any univ ,out of them how many settled ,hardly one or two in each batch.

Now try to understand why the second thought come : When He/She compare to his/her classmate  trying other profession like teachership/Banking /SSC etc they may settle with in 2- 4 yrs but the lib professionals still struggling . One more thing it may difficult to get a lib job on ur home town or state.

Let see some positive aspect :You can enter inst like IIT,NIT,Research org or inst of national importance while other professional may not on the basic of skills and knowledge.



Mr. Nabakumal Bhoi


Thanks for your views. It is considerable, good, thought provocative and much more. I do feel/understand all these points and I also agree with your all the points. But what I want to express is/are that instead of sharing your energy at both the sides, one should either go for competitive exam (completely) or Library Science. One can easily understand his/her strengths in one and two exams only, according to that decision can be changed or remain constant.

I do not know why, but I do not agree with some of your points;

Related with the success ratio of last five years students. I think we can find good/reasonable number of student are employed, they have got the job.

Getting job in hometown should not keep in the choice.

Being an aspirant we should think on our best preparation and performances only, not on other abstract things, which we can't control at this stage. 

Each one of us should make our own target and should not be compared with others.

I am quite sure, if someone set the goal, and ambitious toward it, he/she can get the employment easily might be very soon.

I feel to express, "there is a hidden energy exist both the sides;  aspirants side and position side equally, that need to be balanced." You have collect that much energy (knowledge, understanding, time, other input factors) to shift. Either you can say, it is like video game, some fixed points are required to go in next level.

Thank you.

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

Swami Vivekananda

best idea... sir 

thank you. 

Dear Munesh Sir, I agree with your observation. One of the toughest issues in making a good career choice and career goal setting is identifying what you want. Even when it seems that you know what you want, you may still have doubts on if your career choice is the right one for you. Mostly it is seen in INDIA that peoples blindly follows other footsteps. They want to do what other doing, We can see if our friend doing MBA, B.Tech, or other areas we also want to do this, After  B.Tech  few students are doing jobs in Banks and call centers  etc, We have no fix goals , We never try to understand our skills, capabilities. This is all due to Lack of  many issues like No Proper Guidance from Our Parents, Teachers, and Financial problems, and our own decision making or carrier planning. If we planned for this in early college time or other professional course we surely get better jobs according to our skills.

Choosing the right career goal to sink into requires a great deal of soul searching. we need to ask our self these questions beforehand:

What am I passionate about?

Am I choosing the right Goal?

Do I like what I am doing right now?

What could I be doing that would make me happier than I am right now?

Who will I ask for help? Who will benefit from my career goal? Who will I work with to accomplish my goal?

What do I want the outcome to be? What will I do to get started? What will really make me happy?

Where should I start? Where will my career goal put me in 10 years? Where will I apply my resources?

When should I begin? When do I want these goals to be reached? When will I apply my knowledge to begin attaining my goals?

How should I begin? How will these goals affect my future? How do I really feel about the goals that I have chosen?

All of these questions have to be directed before you can begin to work on your career goals.

Dear sir,

Thank you for your complimentary contents and valuable response. Really we need to solve the above questions for getting success. 

Thank You.  


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