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LIS Links SMS Alert

About LLinks: LLINKS is a text based SMS Service for the Library and Information Science Professionals of India. It covers news from Library and Information Science, Library and Librarianship in India. Send a text message JOIN LLINKS to 9220092200 to join the free SMS alert service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can subscribe to LLINKS by SMS: The Library and Information Science professionals can subscribe to the LLINKS (should be pronounced as L Links) by sending JOIN LLINKS to 9220092200. One can also subscribe by sending START LLINKS to 9220092200.
How I can get confirmation SMS?  You will receive two confirmation emails within 1 minute of sending the SMS JOIN LLINKS to 9220092200. First message will be - “Welcome !!! You have joined the public group llinks. To unsubscribe reply LEAVE llinks”. Second message will be- “Hello there, Your recent LLINKS SMS Alert subscription is activated. Badan Barman, LIS Links Founder. Visit us at:”.
What is LIS Links? LIS Links ( is the India’s first and largest social networking site for Library and Information Science professional. It has brought together more than 20,000 LIS Professionals and provides different kinds of useful services. LLINKS is an initiative of the LIS LINKS.
Why LLINKS? LINKS was started with the motto of making crucial information related to Library and Information Science, Library or Profession accessible to one and all the professionals. Again, there are still some people who cannot access LIS Links or any part of it due to the lack of Internet connection, 2G / 3G coverage or lack of devices like smart phone, tablet or computer. LLINKS is expected to bridge the gap in this context.
What LLINKS will Do? LLINKS will send all crucial information related to Library and Information Science, library and profession to the subscribers through SMS.
Later on, we are planning to send Seminar / Conference / Workshop related information and lastly if possible the job information to our unemployed youth.
When LLINKS was started functioning? LLINKS was started functioning from 1st January, 2015 with a happy New Year message from Badan Barman.
Who will bear the cost involved in LLINKS? We are expected to run the LLINKS through voluntary donation.
What will be the charge for subscribing to LLINKS? LLINKS alerts are completely free of cost for you (at the receiver end).
What will be the charge for sending alert to all the subscribers of LLINKS: If the message which you are interested to send to our subscribers are directly related to Library and Information Science, library and profession and are of immense important, then we will send the SMS message free of cost.
          If you are interested to send seminar / conference / workshop and other such announcements, then the rate of sending the SMS will be Rs. 0.50 paisa for each subscriber for 155 characters SMS and Rs. 1.00 for each subscriber for 315 characters SMS. The total amount will be depending on our number of subscribers at the moment of sending the SMS alert.
What will be the advertising options at LLINKS? Kindly note that the LLINKS was not launched to provide a platform for the advertisers. We have launched it to provide very crucial information related to the subject, profession to our friends and colleagues and the whole work is expected to run on voluntary donation of our well-wishers. However, if we are unable to cover our expected expenses through voluntary donation then we can think of approaching the advertisers. The advertisement slot and their rates are as below
Sponsorship Slot
Sponsorship Benefit
Rate for 155 characters SMS
Rate for 315 characters SMS
Three months
a) One Add SMS within 155 / 315 characters *
Six months
b) Two Add SMS within 155 / 315 characters with the interval of three months*
Nine months
a) Three Add SMS within 155 / 315 characters with the interval of three months *
1 year
a) Four Add SMS within 155 / 315 characters with the interval of three months *
*  Further,  if there are any un-used space below any SMS we composed during the period of the sponsorship, then the advertisers name will be included in that space.
My Mobile Number is incorporated in LIS Links Profile? Can you collect my mobile number from there for LLINKS alert? Kindly note that we will not collect the mobile numbers from the LIS Links ( profile page for LLINKS alert.
I am registered with DND, Can I receive LLINKS alert? LLINKS alert will be delivered to all the subscribers irrespective of their DND status, as they have agreed to receive such SMS from us.
What will be the delivery time for LLINKS SMS Alert? Though we can send the SMS 24X7, however, to be friendly with our subscribers, LLINKS alert will be delivered between morning 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. The messages are used to deliver within 15 seconds of sending the SMS.
Why Donation is important? As sending SMS is a costly business, so we request all our well-wisher to donate generously to our new initiative. A minimum contribution of $13 USD or Rs. 600/- (six hundred only) will be accepted. However higher contribution is highly desirable.

Each donor name will be included in our LLINKS page of LIS Links. Further, if any donation is greater than Rs. 1,000/- (one thousand only) then if there are any un-used space below any SMS we composed out of the donation amount, then the donor’s name will be included in that space.

Existing Donors

How I can Donate

Kindly deposit the amount through cash / cheque / core / internet banking / ATM Transfer / Mobile Banking in the account Name: LIS Links, Account No.: 59600 20100 02730, Bank: Union Bank of India, Branch: Basistha Road, IFSC Code: UBIN0559601, MICR Code: 781026010.
i) Cash / Cheque Deposit: You can deposit the amount in cash / cheque in any branches of Union Bank of India.
ii) Internet / Mobile Banking: You can deposit the amount through internet / Mobile banking.
iii) ATM Transfer: If you have internet banking, you can also transfer the required amount through ATM.
iv) Money Order / Demand Draft / Cheque: Payable in favour of LIS Links Payable at Guwahati and then post it to Dr. Badan Barman, Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Gauhati, Guwahati-781014, Assam, India.
v PayPal: If you are staying abroad or a Non Resident Indian (NRI) and have a Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), you can also deposit the amount by using our Paypal donation option that is mentioned in the left hand side bar.
After depositing the required amount, please email us at info at badanbarman dot in. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email about your contribution.

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