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Proper ventilation is one of main important aspect in the library.

I happened to work for a short stint in various academic libraries, and had come across VENTILATION which is an important part in the library.

most of the libraries close their doors and windows, thus curtailing the entry of  light into the library.
ventilation means not only light but proper fresh air, from outside, could possibly happen when doors are open.

another important draw back in most academic libraries, lack of zeal to enlighten the students about how to use the library.Most of the librarians are confined to mere watch dog of the assets of the library.

Another, draw back, reference service as i had learned is far from practical, in academic libraries.
students are made to belief, that it is a mere a place where a  piece of available.

I personally opine, that the librarian should initiate to take a class once in a month in the college on library utilization, and how the staff are ready to  serve the students.

depending upon the situation, library hours to be made flexible for the students.

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I think you should post it over the main forum of this network.

I agree with mr. Narsingarao opine. but How many libraries are having good architecture of library building. Most of the academic libraries in pvt sector are running in big rooms like godowns. When there is no security system in library for material what the poor librarian do?

I know some of librarians who  paid 2 and 3 months salary amount for loss of books with out their negligence.


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