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Wrong Answers in December 2013 & Make it Correct & Apply with Document Proof through Grievience

Dear Friends,

Please post Wrong Answers in December 2013 in net exam after declaring the final key & results.  It will be very very helpful to genuine candidates, who are very close to pass.

Please give your valuable discussions & support with documents. for paper-I, II, III

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sir please find attachments


Dear Awari Sampath Kumar

Please Upload the Title page and Back of Title Page of book with Exercise and Answer of the Exercise of Full page for identify the book name and other details. Pleas also sent on my Email. for reference and further action

sir please find attachment


sir find these attachments


Thank u for ur valuable source sir

Thank u for providing Valuable Source with Document Evidence.  It is helpful to some candidates, who are very near to pass.  Good Work & Keep it Up Sir

sir this book is valid or not  the answer is keep quite a while & then continue for this question is correct or not please mail me ur suggestion

Dear Shatrughna Shivaji patil

Please give your email ID to send the question no. and references to you or see the link 

Dear Friends
 I have some doubts in the following questions, what is your opinion in this regard? You are kindly requested to give some time from your busy schedule.
Paper II

7. The International Body that coordinates the assignment of unique domain names, protocol address is





Answer:  updated answer key of UGC gives as option C. In my opinion both options C & D are correct.

Q. No. 29

Match the following : 

List – I List – II 

a. W. Edward Deming        i. Quality Control Circles  b. Joseph M. Juran            ii. TQM  c. Armand V. Feigenbaum  iii. Planning, Control, Improvement  d. Kaoru Ishikava               iv. Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)  Codes :  a b c d  (A) ii iii iv i  (B) iv ii i iii  (C) iii iv i ii  (D) iv iii ii i

Right Answer is A Not D (Previous year answer key UGC Sep 2013 have the answer key for the answer for W.Edward Deming is related to TQM. Mentioned 3 scientist are directly related to TQM broadly )

Q. No. 37

Assertion (A) : Indian National Bibliography is the most comprehensive source of Indian publications. Reason (R) : National Library of Kolkata is entitled to receive one copy of each Indian publication under Delivery of Book Act. Codes : (A) (A) is true, but (R) is false. (B) (A) is false, but (R) is true. (C) Both (A) and (R) are true. (D) Both (A) and (R) are false.

UGC given answer is B Right answer is C (I think most of the country have the National Bibliography for their country publication like INB, BNB etc. and INB, BNB is the Government publication. So the most comprehensive source of any country is their National Bibliography. see Information sources, system, services by Gurudev Singh

PAPER - Third

Q. No. 27

Which of the following are called ‘path finders’ to the literature ? (i) Bibliography (ii) Catalogue (iii) Shelf List (iv) Indices and Abstracts Codes : (A) (i) & (ii) are correct (B) (i), (ii) & (iv) are correct (C) (i) & (iv) are correct (D) (ii) & (iii) are correct

UGC give option C (please see the link here catalogue is also the pathfinder. 


waiting for your response.

 Rajesh Sharma





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