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Wrong Answers in December 2013 & Make it Correct & Apply with Document Proof through Grievience

Dear Friends,

Please post Wrong Answers in December 2013 in net exam after declaring the final key & results.  It will be very very helpful to genuine candidates, who are very close to pass.

Please give your valuable discussions & support with documents. for paper-I, II, III

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I got 60% in dec.2013 Net Exam...Left by 0.57% only...

OMG. Hard Luck. I have 60.57 and passed

I too left behind by 1% . 59.43% ....i raised few wrong questions DURING EXAM but the teachers /staff there didn't co-operate ....and further more no -ugc staff arrived there as....promised to us.

3 questions I found to be wrong....but after exam ...i got busy in other classses and my office...will search ..and request all you guys....who knows few of us may ....get qualified!

i too left by 1%

Wrong Answer in paper - I Series Z in Dec 2013 net exam

1. A man pointing to a lady said, “The
son of her only brother is the brother
of my wife”. The lady is related to the
man as
(A) Mother’s sister
(B) Grand mother
(C) Mother-in-law
(D) Sister of Father-in-law

UGC  Answer is (D) Sister of Father-in-law

Correct Answer is (C) Mother-in-law

sorry UGC answer is correct

What is the correct answer of this question?

48. “Women are closer to nature than
men.” What kind of perspective is this ?
(A) Realist (B) Essentialist
(C) Feminist (D) Deep ecology

UGC answer is (B). 

But according to me Answer is (C) Feminist.  But how many of you accept this?

I too Left by 0.57% only...

C seems to be right answer .It cant be Essentailist.


Pleas tell the Question No. with Paper No.

Paper-I Series Z question No.48

Dear Abhishek Chaturvedy

Please give the details of question you found wrong. I also found some question wrong and trying to check their answer. After I found the correct answer I upload these question likely to be Monday evening.


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