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What is the difference between Virtual library and Digital library

 Dear professionals please clarify the question

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Virtual library is the library without wall. Digital library is the library having digital as well as printed documents.
Virtual Library is depended upon only Internet. Without Internet no virtual Library can aspect any where. And Digital Library is as well as internet and Digitel form of Printed materials. It would be work with CDs and DVDs. On the other hand Digitel Library is the combination of Virtual and digitel form of study material.
how u can say that digital library have also printed Document. if the hard form of document than what meaning of Digital. can you explain more about the digital library.

Ramkisan more said:
Virtual library is the library without wall
digital library is the library having digital as well as printed documents
Dear Friend,
Can you discuss briefly, what is the the major difference between Digital library Vs Electronic library Vs Virtual library ?

Same characteristics are same


Digital Library contains all information in digital form means binary digits and includes CD & DVDs.

Electronic Library contains all information in analog forms ex: Video tapes.

Virtual Library is depended upon only Internet. Without Internet cannot access any information.  V.L. is a collection of full text of e-books, Journals and databases. This V.L contains electronic stocks without any physical space or location.


kindly check below link for article! Hope it will be helpful to get clear about the above concepts.




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