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Integration of Library User Walk-in and Walk-out Data in Real Time through RFID to Koha

Dear Professionals

Is it possible to get accurate users' footfall count in Koha, with library card using the same HF Antenna/EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) gate which is equipped to detect RFID tag in library documents. 

For eg: If a user walk-in or walk-out these antenna at the main door it should count the data like footfall camera, no of visitors present in library in real time and those data should reflect in Koha.


Abilash A

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you may use turnstile gate for library user inventory visit record is very useful for each library. you may generate report for library user statistically.

Thanks Jasvant

you may visit my library user statistics over following link

Hope this is like swipe in swipe out counting machine with unique counter management  software...the gate allows only u swipe the card...


Abilash A


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