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Sticking Print-out of Library Bill in Stock Register


I wanted to ask whether in CBSE school can we maintain stock register by sticking printout of library bills in Library register rather than writing with Hand?

Will it be valid during CBSE inspection?

Is it compulsory to maintain register by writing only?

Cant we stick print out of bill in register?


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Dear Sri Bhargav Thaker,

I have gone through your post. Mentioning 'STOCK REGISTER' did you mean Accession Register ? If yes and if your institute is subjected to Govt. Audit, you better write manually in your Accession Register. Additionally, entries in the Accession Registers are often more explanatory than the Vendor's bill.It will take lesser space and ensure uniformity in writing the traditional details. like Author, Title, Edition, Imprint, Collation, notes, ISBNs fixing Barcodes etc.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta



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