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Sharing Experience of Recent NAAC Peer Team Visit to our Institution

As per the scheduled, the NAAC Peer Team visited to our institution St. Mary's College on 07th and 08th August, 2019. They attended each and every corner of item that we mentioned in our SSR (Self Study Report)

During the period, they visited Library at 12.30 pm to 13.00 Hrs (Day-One) and 11.45 am to 12.20 pm (Day-Two). They raised several queries and made some oral recommendations. The details with our responses are as under :

Questions & Replies by/to NAAC Peer Teem

1. How many students visit to Library?

Our Response : Around 150 to 160

2. How many faculty visit to Library ?

Our Response : Around 10

3. Are donated books all text books ?

Our Response : No. comprising all the subjects including personality development, fiction etc.

4. How can you issue the books?

Our Response : Using Barcode Scanner. Simultaneously in Circulation Register and Software.

(issue & return registers checked) (accession register checked)

5. Do you have Inflibnet membership?

Our Response : Yes. Explained the subscription amount of Rs.35,400/- in which 18% GST included. As our institution is not covering either 12B or 2F, the above amount had to be incurred.

6. Does faculty using Inflibnet resources in large scale? With statistics?

Our Response : Faculty using Inflibnet in large scale. The statistics are available with College Admin : Mr. Nagaraju, Tech Centre. (The Inflibnet recognizes System Admin as College Admin who took up the upload of students and faculty email Ids

7. How many books issued for students ?

Our Response : Two books per student. They need not to wait to take the books till the completion of class hours. They can take books on their ID Card at any time during the class hours which are purely on temporary basis those shall reach at the end of that day.


8. How can you collect if the students lost a library book ?

Our Response : They will have to purchase same title and author failing which, the library is taking responsibility to purchase the same in online. Students are to pay the same amount incurred through online (including delivery charges)


9. How can you identify the students while issuing the books ?

Our Response : While issuing books, the students details along with photo will appear in IRP Software.

10. Where is Indian fiction ?

Our Response : Location showed. Explaining the maintaining titles in  alphabetical in fiction area, as the students are used to quire the books by title rather than authors.

11. What about your library budget ?

Our Response : Depending upon the requirement of books & periodicals from time to time, the amount will be sanctioned on the recommendations of Library Committee, in every quarter of the year by the Management.

12. How can you control students in break period ? (Out of Library Query)

Our Response : Each and every floor there are on security supervisor along with an assistant to monitor the students during the break period.

13. Is there any specialized subjects in Degree courses offered by the University in your college ? (Out of Library Query)

Our Response : Apart from first and second languages, there are core subjects in each stream but all are equally specialized subjects and there are no ancillary subjects as per the University academic criteria.


Oral Recommendations made by NAAC Peer Team

1. Faculty presence in Library to be increased.

2. Open Rack System along with RFID

3. Library Rules to be pasted at Front Gate of Library

4. Rename ‘Bibliotheque’ as LIBRARY

5. Student Statistics of Inflibnet

6. ILMS to be purchased

7. Xerox Register for Students

8. Titles List

Not but least : 

1. Remember that they are not inspecting team. They are a PEER Team appointed by the NAAC, Govt of India.

2. They will visit the areas, documents as per the SSR (Self Study Report) duly filled by the Institution long before they visit.

3. They are very courteous and cooperative at all times.

4. Being Librarian, we may have certain limitations. We will have to go ahead in a positive manner.


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