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I would like to know actual quotation approval Rule and process in library. We called the quotation for supply of books on 80 different publishers. We received 6 quotations from different suppliers but supplier A offered highest discount on 25 publishers, Supplier B offered highest discount on 20 publishers, Supplier C offered highest discount on 15 publishers and Supplier E offered highest discount on 15 publishers.  Supplier A and B offered same discount on 5 publishers.  In this situation how we can approved the one or two suppliers.

Previously we approve only two vendors who offered highest discount on maximum publishers. I am now directed to purchase the books from all supplier based on their highest discount. It is very difficult and time consuming process and some time supplier unable to supply the books due to the less quantity of books. 

  1. To approved one supplier, Can we negotiate to one supplier to increase the discount on publishers on which other supplier offered highest discount.
  2. Can we approve one supplier who offered highest discount on highest on number of publishers?
  3. Any other rules and process.

Dr. Subhash Khode, Librarian, SVVV

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  1. Nive information Sir


You can ask the suppliers to came at par, which they will be very pleased to they can all can accept the proposal to give 25% on all the books you choose to purchase. Alternatively you can choose to buy publisher wise; you can decide the supplier giving maximum discount on each publication.

Hope it works.



For same discount suppliers, you can order equal number of books to both the suppliers.
However, it is always better to have RATE CONTRACT for books on the following four to five kinds of books:
Books of Indian Publisher
Foreign publishing books
Foreign books published in India
Low cost edition of foreign books
Reference books


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