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Who is the Publisher of Colon Classification 7th Edition?
Aisa pub

Asia Pub


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Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS) (1987)  

The seventh edition (7th ed.) which was published posthumously (after the death of the originator) and edited by his long time research assistant, Professor M.A. Gopinath, was considered by many to be confused and inconsistent in structure and notation. On the whole, this edition has been discarded by the Indian library profession.

Many University LIS school stopped teaching colon classification but in NET every year there are 5 to 6 questions from CC  this is the fact.

Hello everybody here,
from Berlin Germany.

1. Sade to read about the down-way of CC.
All the years I try to organized my computer, books and knowledge in that way of a small kind CC.

Ones I wrote to the Madras  university but nothing came back.
I ask the Indian Embassy here for advice to a CC organized library in Europa.
Nothing was gained.
I dream of going to Madra to see the CC working in that library.

Via internet i did  buy the sixth edition C.C. by S.R. Ranganathan.
It was not enough useful for me, long time then, until TODAY.
As I understood: It teaches the way to classifying this CC. But I missed some items. I call it the second line, means sub-classes. // Looking for an example in the 6. edition, to show here in forum what I mean - I found out the answer for what I am going to ask you. That's funny, my knowledge has grown only by writing to you. So thanks' for for your listening to me you don't know before. :-)) //

It is called Part two- Schedules of Classification- and give me what I am going to try now: i.E. CLASS L / Medicine and ALL Sub-classes in second place, not only some examples. or CLASS  B / Mathematics  and all B1 to B9 sub-classes, aka under departments, as he called it: Canonical Divisions.
For my purposes I do not need much more then that.
First place question is already answered.
AND I also have bayed  an introduction to colon classification Archon books Canada 1967 by C.D. Batty. That is a programmed learn introduction to learn to work with the 6.Edition.
But I did not use it before, to much English, is all not in German, you know what I mean.

This is told.

second ? Why is nobody in India able to cherish this treasure CC ?
And to save this knowledge and the preparatory work into the computer age? e.g. to freely provide as an aid to organize personal knowledge on private disks and keep personal stuff available?

thanks again
have excellent times there

3.  and thanks for hosting the Tibet's People.

4. carpe diem

Til Peter Noske


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