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Dear Professional Friends / Seniors,
I wish to draw your kind attention towards the tremendous changes taking place in the academic libraries due to the advent of technology and as a result, the library professionals are under huge pressure to implement these technologies to cope up with the present situation. We are bound to learn and implement the technology for smooth functioning of library and housekeeping operations. However, regret to mention this is happening in less percentage. Most of the library professionals are not computer savvy. Undoubtedly, most of the library professionals are struggling in implementation of technologies such as library automation, digitization, web development for information dissemination, server management, e-resource management etc.
Most of the renowned publishers like ACS, IEEE Computer Society, ASME, ACM, ASCE etc. are having the concept of creating STUDENT CHAPTERS where students are given unique opportunity for networking, mentoring and bonding over common interest. In brief, a STUDENT CHAPTERS is group of students from a university / institute, college, technical colleges who assemble to organize activities related to their fields of study to share their knowledge with each other. A STUDENT CHAPTERS also serves as a gateway to forums, panel discussions, symposia, conferences, workshop etc. that further a student’s professional development. This provides an opportunity to students to explore more about their subject and research on particular topic.
I wish to mention here that like STUDENT CHAPTERS, if the publishers introduce the concept of having ‘LIBRARIANS CHAPTER’ then this will provide a good opportunity to all the working professionals to network, mentor other professionals and also have a strong bonding. This may provide an opportunity to librarians to conduct many activities related to our profession and enhance our knowledge.
Most of the Universities / Colleges are subscribing huge resources for their academic community but if their professionals are not well equipped with latest technological knowledge, definitely professionals will face the challenges.
My submission with humble request is to raise the voice to introduce the LIBRARIANS CHAPTERS by most of renowned publisher so that such activities can assist in bringing the changes in profession and professionals too.
Soon, I will share the proposal of LIBRARIANS CHAPTERS here with you all to submit and request to submit with your opinion too.
I will be happy to receive your suggestions / comments in this regard please.
DP Tripathi

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Dear Sir,

So far publishers are interacting libraries for promotions of their products. 'Librarians chapter' or similar kind of thing(as per objectives) will lead the core knowledge exchange, scholarly benefits and professional ethics. This will also evolve new knowledge. 

PS: Student chapters are kind of a paid membership in foreign currencies.

Thank you.


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