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Librarian Teaching Staff or Non Teaching Staff in CBSE School

Dear Friends, 

 According to CBSE a school Librarian is Teaching Staff but few schools are treating them as Non teaching. Can we do something for this problem.

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Dear Friends, 

 According to ICSE norms a school Librarian is comes under Teaching Staff or Non teaching pls clarify it.

If u have any proof for that plz attach it will help for everyone. 

please go through these link

Good morning sir .

I also suffering the same problem .i am in A School Librarian .

The School Treat as A Non teacher . But Time table given me .In A Week I taken 32 periods and 4 Periods with 2 Class seat in library in the same period (84) students  are present in library .

kindly send me the rules of cbse if you have .if you dont have then ok


Librarian is Miscellaneous Teaching Staff in TGT Scale in CBSE Schools. He/she will take library periods along with all the responsibilities of a teacher like class teachership,invigilation, escorting, arrangement periods, CCA etc have to completed by Librarian.

I am agree with you.

Thanks for this valuable Information.

Dear friend

I was school librarian in CBSE/IB school they consider as Teaching Staff but you have to talk with your director . Now i am working in college. Our management  consider me as applied Science staff 

Dear Friends,

 Same thing with me. I'm also getting the same problem. When I talked to HR Department they said they having policy. If I want to talk more so ans is coming "Follow protocol". 

I also sent all info. about CBSE as Librarian's are Misce. TGT but they are not agree. So that I'm not getting summer / Winter vacation. If I want to take vacation so it is consider as LOP.

Dear friends
If u have fought go to web and search UGC act saying librarian is a teaching staff and take print out show to your management


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