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Dear Colleague,

The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 17th July, 2012 to transact the agenda items not discussed on 5th January, 2012. I am glad to inform you that Anomaly in the grade pay of Library information Assistant was take up on 17.07.2012. The decision is in our favour. which is reproduced: The official side will consider the issue in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and take appropriate decision before the next meeting. In this connection GILA called a meeting of the Central Government Librarians on 18.07.2012 and unanimously decided that a sum of Rs. 1000/- will be contributed by each professional to meet the expenses in meeting the expenditure involved in day to day activities of the association and if necessary we may file a case in the tribunal to settle other issues like grant of ACP & MACP for the Library Professionals and the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- after getting Rs. 4600/- (as a feeder Grade). All professional colleagues are requested to send there individual substitution at the earliest to Shri Vijay, ALIO, Press Information Bureau Room No-06, Ground Floor, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, Mob. No. - 9868631079, 011-23070976.
I am sending herewith the questionnaire for library survey which may kindly be filled in and forward it to the undersigned as quick as possible for further necessary action. Kindly forward the same to other professionals of your organization and to whom you know requesting them to co-operate in responding our Mail and expedite the survey information at the earliest. For more details may contact to Central Secretariat Library, Ministry of Culture, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.  
Soliciting your co-operation and active participation. 
With best wishes and regards
Dr. N.K. Bar
Director (Libraries), ASI
and Secretary, Govt. of India Librarians Association (GILA) 

Tel (O): 23385833
CSL - 011-23389383, 23389684

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Dear Mr. Niraj,


I feel a litle confused. the above post says this form needs to be filled up by individuals but the contents of the form reflect otherwise. Please inform who needs to fill up this form - The Head of the Library, The Head of the Institution or any individual working at any position in a Central Govt. Library.

Also what about Autonomous Units and also what is the objective of collecting this data?

I would also like to know how can we check the activties of GILA and be a member of it , eligibilities etc ?

Please that concerned professionals can revert back.

Thanking you in anticipation,

With Best Regards,





Hi !

Dear Mr. Niraj

I also want to know what about autonomous institutions ? Pl supply information about GILA and its activities.

thanking you.

Mukesh Kumar

PGI, Library, Chandigarh

Mukesh Kumar

PGI, Chandigarh

Incharge of the library may fill up the form. He may be Librarian or LIA, ALIO, LIO or Director.

There is no need to send the data of Autonomous body, becoz Anomaly Committee has been constituted only for Central Government so their is required the data, only of Central Govt. Libraries.

General Body Meeting of GILA is going to held on 03 August 2012 at National Museum in Delhi. So you may get status of GILA.

Dear Mr. Niraj

Thanks !!!

Thank you Mr. Niraj for the reply - But the problem is that Autonomous Units are under some or the other Central Govt. Bodies only, how can these be left out. Several anomolies lie in pay structure in these autonomous units. Please inform whom should we contact to raise the issue of these units ? 1 more important point - It is not possible for us to go to National Museum Delhi just to get the status of GILA. I wanted to know the details of this association , how can professionals be a part of it, what are the eligibilties etc. Please inform us the appropriate authority for communication in this regard. Thanks & Regards, Pragya

All autonomous bodies and state government follows the Central Govt. so if the initial grade pay of LIA goes to 4600 then Autonomous bodies can fight to his Office / Ministries / Departments on the basis of that Anomaly Committee's Order.

And I can give you details about GILA after the meeting, becoz it is going to reconstitute in this meeting. For more details you may mail to

Dear Dr. Niraj Kumar,

Could you pls tell me what shall be the Grade pay for ALIO after 4600/- G.P is given to LIAs.

If Grade pay goes to 4600 of LIAs then it will increase 4800 of ALIOs and then we will fight to 5400 after five years of ALIO.

Library Information Assistants and Sr. Library Information Assistants both are presently placed in Rs. 4200/- Grade Pay with Pay Band-II. If both are same posts? According to NAC recommendations, if 4600/- recommended to LIA the same G.P. shall be given to SLIA or higher GP?

What is your entry designation LIA or SLIA ?

My entry designation SLIA.

If your entry designation is SLIA-4200 then you will get 4600 after Anomaly clearance and when you will get ACP/Promotion then you will get 4800.


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