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(vii) Book Banks

  1. 1. Book Banks are to be set up in all the Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Law and Veterinary Degree Colleges and Institutes imparting Chartered Accountancy, MBA and alike Management courses and Polytechnics where Scheduled Caste students are in receipt of Post Matric Scholarship. The set of text books will be purchased for 2 such SC students at various stages except in respect of Post-graduate courses and Chartered Accountancy where it will be one set for each student. However, the ratio of sets and students will have to be adjusted to the total number of sets that could be procured within the total resources allocated to the State concerned.
  2. 2. The details of courses covered for setting up of Book Banks, ceiling of admissible expenditure per set of books and sharing criteria are given below:



Sharing criteria

Ceiling per set (or actual cost whichever is less) (In rupees)


Degree courses in Medical/Engineering

1 set for 2 students



Degree courses in veterinary




Degree courses in Agriculture








  1. Post Graduate courses in Medical, Engineering, Agriculture and veterinary courses and such other technical/alike courses as are approved by the Universities/institutes of higher learning.
  2. Law courses, L.L.B. (3 years and 5 years) LL.M. (2 years)
  3. Chartered Accountancy (intermediate and final)
  4. M.B.A. (2 years ) and similar courses
  5. Bio-Sciences

One set per student


  1. For storage of books and contingencies etc., the cost of steel almirah for storing books of each Book Bank including contingencies like transportation etc. the following expenses are admissible:
    1.                       i.        Rs. 2000 or actual cost whichever is less.
    2.                      ii.        5% of the grant may be earmarked for expenses on binding, stitching etc.

Note : The said sets of books also include Braille Books, Talking Books. Cassettes for the visually Handicapped students.

                The Book Banks are to be set up in all the recognized colleges/institutions where these courses are being offered as recognized courses.

                Purchase of books for these Book Banks will be restricted to the prescribed text books for the entire courses.

                The State Governments may constitute Expert Groups consisting of members from selected colleges/educational institutions of different regions to decide the adequate number of text books in a set (not reference books) required for each course.

                The life period of one set of books has been fixed at 3 years. Thereafter the books may be disposed of by the institutions in the same manner as the books in the library subject to the guidelines, if any, of the State Government/UT Administration in this regard.

                These books are to be supplied to SC students in installments, depending on the course, semester structure etc.

                The following rules shall govern the distribution of books to the students:

                       .        Each SC student will be provided with an identity card for this purpose.

  1.                       i.        Each SC student will be required to submit requisition for borrowing books from the Book Bank in a form to be provided for this purpose.
  2.                      ii.        The books would be returned to the Book Bank at the end of each term. The Principal of the college/institution will make every effort to ensure that those students who complete their course or those who drop out in the middle, return the books belonging to the Book Bank
  3.                     iii.        It is the responsibility of the student concern to maintain the books supplied to them from the Book Bank, in good condition.
  4.                     iv.        Any case of loss or damage to the books would attract penalty. In case of serious damage or loss of books, the student concerned will have to bear the cost of the book.

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Thanks Sir,

May I know the source of this document.

or please sent the pdf copy of whole document i.e. Book Bank Scheme Information

Thanks and regards.

Lib. Shatrughna S. Patil

M.Lib.&Inf.Sci., NET, MH-SET.


Dr. Daulatrao Aher College of Engineering, Karad

Please Sir,

Send us What is procedure for apply to book bank scheme. give information & details.

Thanking You!

Shaikh Azad



Shri Chattrapati Shivajiraje College of Engineering.

Send the details to me for applying.


Saveetha School of Engineering,Chennai



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