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Dear Professionals,
Can I request you to kindly help me with "How to Take a Backup of Koha 18.05"? It is urgent.
Kind Regards,

Sugandha Bajaj.

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To get all the data, use:

mysqldump -u kohaadmin -p koha > mydatadump.sql

  • -u specifies the user to log in to MySQL as, in this case kohaadmin
  • -p makes mysqldump prompt for the password
  • koha is the name of the database

To take a back up of your koha system, first you need the following information:

1. Mysql username and password.

Normally the username is root and password is whatever you have given at the time of installation.

Hope you have Ubuntu as operating system:

Open a Terminal and type : sudo su

enter the password:

After entering the password you will be in your desktop: 


It will take you to mysql prompt.

show databases;

this will show all the databases. notedown the name of your koha instance. Normally it will be koha_library

use koha_library;

database changed message will appear.

mysqldump -u root -p koha_library >koha_library_backup.sql;

(> this arrow is important)

enter your password:

here enter the mysql password.

Depending upon the site of the database, it takes some time to finish.

(the power button of the computer will be blinking continuously because it is working in the background.)

Once it is finished, the prompt will appear.


to close the terminal.

all mentioned in bold letters are commands to bee typed on the terminal.

On your desktop you will see koha_library_backup.sql; (that is the name we have given to the backup file)



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