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Dear Professionals,

I have recently installed the KOHA software(version 3.09) in a management college. i have even uploaded books file into the software, but the problem is i have committed few mistakes in the entries. so i want to delete the entire file and upload the new one. please tell me all the steps how to delete the file.

I have cleaned in staged MARC record management but not able to delete in OPAC.

Thanking you in advance.

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Respected sir,

What are the steps to mysql database ? Please help.

Respected sir,

What are the steps to CLEAR mysql database ? Please help.

How to clear mysql database and how to reindex in zebra search index.

How to clear the mysql database and how to reindex the zebra search index.

Respected Professionals I have attached 3 screenshot files. Hope you will understand how to delete a record from KOHA.First you have to delete each file of that same title record.After that you have to delete the main record.


Thank you sir

Welcome madam

Dear Madam,,,Upgrade your Koha first.....

you are using 3.09

current is 3.22

Also join Koha Users group in FB


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