How much loss of books in a year is permissible in the library?

Here last(2009-10 )stock verification report in my library i have found 139books lost from my library.we are following open access system in library and most of the student are higher secondary and degree level.: When the average attendance in the library is about 200 to 300 daily, then it is quite obvious that some student may do such type of misdeeds. But can you suggest me how i can convicts my authority about the matter. Is there any rule about library book lost. There is no security system but I  have inform authority about it . I would like to quote Dr Ranganathan, the father of Library Science in India that “It is better to loose a book than to loose a reader

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Rule 194. Physical verification of Library books :
(i) Complete physical verification of books should be done every year in case of libraries having not more than
twenty thousand volumes. For libraries having more than twenty thousand volumes and upto fifty thousand
volumes, such verification should be done at least once in three years. Sample physical verification at
intervals of not more than three years should be done in case of libraries having more than fifty thousand
volumes. In case such a verification reveals unusual or unreasonable shortages, complete verification
shall be done.
(ii) Loss of five volumes per one thousand volumes of books issued/consulted in a year may be taken as
reasonable provided such losses are not attributable to dishonesty or negligence. However, loss of a book
of a value exceeding Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One thousand only) and rare books irrespective of value shall
invariably be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Yes it can be do also.

Nice mam

Please refer page no 59 rule 215.

I am also facing the same problem currently. 

What is the provision if books are more than 1000 rs., pls suggest necessary action regarding for that.


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