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What are the functions of  Reader Club of Library. Is all the activities conducted by the club?

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 Book clubs actually offer more lifelong benefits like:

  • Everyone knows that reading expands your horizons and book clubs help to do this at an even greater level, with the in-depth discussions and assimilations of different viewpoints all contributing to increasing your knowledge and appreciation of the world around you.
  • Joining a reading group can also help to extend your reading, as you'll be tempted to try different types of books that you might not otherwise have chosen by yourself. Many people can become accustomed to the comfort of reading in a favourite genre and may not realise how much they might actually enjoy an altogether different type of book, until they are persuaded to try by other members of the reading group.
  • Despite not having a formalised classroom structure, reading groups are actually a fantastic place to promote learning. Discussing books helps to reinforce things in your mind and enable you to retain information better. In addition, the informal learning environment means that there is less fear of "failing" or humiliation before classmates, whilst the urge to participate means that people will be more motivated to read the book and gain the information.
  • Each new book allows you the opportunity to "start afresh" and "do better" - whether it is with more participation, improved leadership of discussions, more commitment to reading or simply better retention of the information learnt.
  • Book clubs enable you to appreciate otherwise "dry" topics within the context of an involving story - for example, reading books set in certain periods allow you to learn more about history, without the dread of boring facts and dates.
  • Book clubs can also be great ways to travel and appreciate other cultures - not only through the books themselves but also through any members with different backgrounds. And discussing these differences helps everyone to understand them by placing them within a larger context.
  • Participating in reading group discussions does wonders for your communication skills, teaching you to listen to different points of view and different ways of expression, as well as "discuss and disagree" without resorting to emotional arguments. It teaches you to be both honest and yet tactful, which is a difficult but extremely valuable skill. It provides great experience for use in other arenas, such as work and business - and even family events - so that you learn to express yourself appropriately and accept disagreements without taking it personally.
  • For those shy of public speaking, book clubs are a great way to start practising expressing your opinions to an audience or summarising information and presenting it in a coherent and engaging way.
  • Reading groups with a rotating roster of leaders means that everyone has a chance to practise their leadership skills and the management of a group of people, with different backgrounds and opinions.
  • Book clubs can help you appreciate books that you had rejected in your childhood or within the confines of your school curriculum, as the imminent discussion motivates you to read with more purpose and attention. In particular, having to present a book to the group helps you to crystallise your crystallise and categorise the information so that it can be conveyed easily and efficiently.
  • For those with writing aspirations, book clubs can be a wonderful breeding ground for ideas as well as provide the motivation for you to pen your own literary masterpiece. Listening to other people's assessment of a book and their discussion of likes and dislikes about plot, character and style, can help enormously in your quest to become a better, more successful writer.
  • Last but not least, book clubs are great social forums and provide many opportunities to meet and befriend new people from all walks of life, as well as providing an enjoyable and meaningful addition to your social calendar.                
  • A book club can conduct the activities beside library. A book club can conduct only reading session or reading along with the activities planned on regular interval.

Naming a few activities beneficial for the students like :

  • Colour them up!
  • Poetry Reading - Finding out Rhyming Words
  • Poem in your pocket- Writing a poem on reading, books, library alike
  • Listing the favourite story/ Book/  Newspaper/  Magazine
  • When and How are you Gifted with books
  • Other language stories
  • Snapping fingers and Finger Puppets props along with the story
  • Mismatched Series Pairing sets of the books
  • Find the book containing colour, numbers in a story
  • Quiz on Characters
  • Puzzle Maina or Pick-a-Puzzle
  • Library Hunt : Science ,Biographies
  • Story Weaving
  • Encircling on Emoji Chart ( Happy/Sad Books)
  • Take a Challenge : Animals and Language Reads
  • Random Clicks : Characters by Profession
  • Random Picks : Magazine reading like Tell me why, Comic books, Sports star
  • Cut-Outs : Morals ( Animals or Character )
  • Tree Diagram of Story Characters
  • Summary Sheet
  • Dumb- Charades Based on stories
  • Make out difference between various books
  • Lets Giggle: Tell a Joke on educational theme
  • Preparation of Story Wheel / Comic Strip/ Book Jackets/ Book Marks
  • Thoughts or one liners briefed in a paragraph
  • Mini Dictionary Wall
  • Summary Sheet
  • Frame a story from Keywords
  •  Exhibitions, Displays,Competition, Meet the Author, Book Discussion
  • Write a letter to the author and tell why you did or did not like the book.
  • Pretending that you are a news reporter, provide a 5- minute oral broadcast of the story
  • Character Diary. Write the diary of a character in the story.
  • Write a new ending for the story
  • Make a poster to spark interest to others to read the book
  • Create a mini-book from the story, design a cover: “A Book By You”
  • D.E.A.R. stands for "Drop Everything and Read," a national month-long celebration of reading

Promoting enriched activities goes a long way in a supportive and nurturing environment  to cultivate  students involvement ,enthusiasm and  love of reading at large


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