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Should I need to enter the back volume of journals in the accession register or should I have to enter it in a separate register. Kindly advice.

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Dear Sir,

You have put a good question, generally, library professionals facing this problem even where I working I have also the same problem. When I have seen the accession register there is approx 1500 entry of back vol.

Now I enter the back vol in separate accession register and given the no. like J00001 J-denotes for Journal you can start with P (periodical) or which is suitable.



Dear Sri Akuleti Lakshmi Narayana,

Thanks for your post.

The first thing is to have a separate Accession Register for (bound Volumes) of Journals. Since the print journals are received serially, generally, they are either recorded into a file (in computer) or in an orthodox bound register (mostly maintained separate registers year wise). As the volumes are completed, the collections are set for binding and these bound volumes are recorded into SEPARATE Registers for Bound journals. This is a routine job and since such bindings are done  in a gap of 3/4 years according to the number & volume of the journal titles after a sizeable collection of holding is developed. These Bound volumes add to the collection and are included into the "holdings" of a library during categorization of Libraries according to rules ( on the basis of Chattopadhyay Commission Report) As such, there is nothing new in accessioning back volumes of journals and can be done as a routine job. Often some prefix (as mentioned by Sri Akshay Jain) are added to the accession number to keep it separate from the books.

Hope I could explain the issue


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Never-the less, many libraries often acquire back volumes of journals especially those in the fields of Social Sciences & Law.   


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