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Please define foreign & international journal

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In fact this is a very good question. I think there is a need to distinguish between these two. A foreign journal is one which is published from the foreign soil, whereas an international need not be. An international journal is one which has reach across the countries with international audience.

A foreign journal subscribed or procured in another country would automatically be an international journal.

HOpe I have answered the question.

Dear Sir,

Your answer is understandable but for more info, can you explain us in descriptive way


Dear Madam,

Here is a little explanation.

International Journal : That which has international audience.  Hence irrespective of the fact that whether it is published from a foreign country or in India, if it is sought across the world and if the contributors are from foreign countries as well then it is international journal.  For example NISCAIR publications are to be considered as international journals though they are published on indian soil as they satisfy both the above requirements.

Foreign Journal: If you subscribe to a journal or procure it that is published on foreign soil - whether the contributors are from different countries or not and whether that journal is sought after across the globe, it is called foreign journal. Here the thrust is on its foreign origin and nothing more.   

Hope it is clear now.


Very good explain sir

I agree with you your Foreign Journal definition is correct 

but something to add in International Journal definition

International Journal should be recognized on in that journals contain Quality

if research papers or article maintain international standard means accept all world users than its International journals weather its published from India our other country 

In our country some publisher specially in Delhi just add journals International words in Title but actually article or research papers standard not International  level so I

I think these type of publishers only use International name for its Journals it is  not a International journals 

in this case librarian role is very important we should decide weather its National Journal or International 

Thanks for Ajay Yadav for raised this very important topic & 

specially Thanks to vijaysrinath kanchi sir to explained very correct definition of foreign journal and International Journal


Thanks & Regards

Digambar B Waghmare (Librarian)

Sinhgad College of Engineering, MS

Thanks sir

irrespective of the origin of the country , their scope is to be considered. this is a good question came often in my mind when i need to choose national and international journals.

What is criteria under which a journal can be termed as ‘national’ or ‘international’? at


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