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    Cranfield studies are an example of  ?


      1) Experimental Research 

      2) Case study 

      3) Survey Research 

      4) Historical Resreach

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2). case study.

survey research is right answer

1, Experimental Research

Cranfield experiments

"The Cranfield indexing experiments in the 1960s are often cited as the beginning of the modern era of computer-based retrieval system evaluation (Cleverdon, Mills and Keen, 1966). In the Cranfield studies, retrieval experiments were conducted on a variety of test databases in a controlled, laboratory-like setting. In the second series of experiments, known as Cranfield II, alternative indexing languages constituted the performance variable under investigation. The aim of the research was to find ways to improve the relative retrieval effectiveness of IR systems through better indexing languages and methods (Cleverdon, 1970). The components of the Cranfield experiments were: a small test collection of documents, a set of test queries, and a set of relevance judgments, that is a set of documents judged to be relevant to each query. Human searchers, their interaction with the system, their interpretation of the query, and their process-formed relevance judgments were not factors included in these experiments. For purposes of performance comparisons, it was necessary to select quantitative measures of relevant documents output by the system under various controlled conditions. The measures used in the Cranfield II experiments are recall andprecision, derivatives of the concept of relevance. "  (Hildreth, 2001).


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Experimental Research

experimental research
experimental research

experimental research is the right answer


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