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Answers to the UGC NET Question Bank Compiled by Nagabhushanam Chintha: Questions 1-35

Here are the answers to first 35 questions from the question bank compiled by Nagabhushanam Chintha. If any of the answers are found wrong please feel free to correct them.

1. Identify the association that has changed its original name :



(C) LA


2. Conference proceedings are considered as..................documents.

(A) Conventional

(B) Primary

(C) Secondary

(D) Tertiary

3. Rules for dictionary catalogue were devised by :

(A) A. Pannizzi

(B) C. C. Jewet

(C) S. Lubetzky

(D) C. A. Cutter

4. RSS feed is a tool of :

(A) Graphic design

(B) Web 1.0

(C) Web 2.0

(D) Architecture

5. An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is................ .

(A) Bibliography

(B) Directory

(C) Encyclopedia

(D) Dictionary

6. Glossary is a :

(A) List of technical words with definitions

(B) List of words in a language

(C) List of thematically arranged words

(D) Alphabetical index to passages of work

7. One of the following search engine is exclusively meant for scientific information :

(A) Google

(B) Yahoo


(D) Altavista

8. Technological Gatekeeper is :

(A) A formal method of giving current awareness service

(B) A method of technology assessment and evaluation

(C) A process of transfer of technology

(D) An informal mechanism of keeping user informed of relevant development

9. Who among the following honoured with ‘Nobel Prize’ for his substantial contribution in

Documentation ?

(A) S. C. Bradford

(B) Loosjes

(C) Eric De Grolier

(D) Henri La Fontaine

10. The Farmington plan is associated with :

(A) Library Legislation

(B) Library Cataloguing

(C) Library Cooperation

(D) Library Indexing Service

11. UNESCO assisted Model Public Library in India is located at :

(A) Kolkata

(B) Delhi

(C) Mumbai

(D) Chennai

12. Mark the ‘odd one out’ :

(A) Cow-Calf principle

(B) Principle of osmosis

(C) Wall picture principle

(D) Whole organ principle

13. GUI stands for :

(A) Graphic User Interface

(B) Graphic User Interaction

(C) Graphic Utility Interface

(D) Great Union of India

14. Shelf list facilitates................ .

(A) Classification

(B) Weeding out

(C) Stock verification

(D) Documentation

15. The office of patent information system in India is at............ .

(A) Mumbai

(B) New Delhi

(C) Kolkata

(D) Nagpur

16. Questionnaire is a :

(A) Research method

(B) Measurement technique

(C) Tool for data collection

(D) Data analysis technique

17. A periodical evaluation of an employee is done through........... .

(A) Job rotation

(B) Performance appraisal

(C) Refresher course

(D) Work guide

18. CCF stands for................ .

(A) Current Classification Format

(B) Current Communication Format

(C) Common Communication Format

(D) Common Classification Format

19. “Controlled Group” is a term used in.............. .

(A) Survey research

(B) Historical research

(C) Experimental research

(D) Descriptive research

20. ‘Noise’ in Information Retrieval is due to............. .

(A) Precision

(B) Recall

(C) Relevant information

(D) Redundant information

21. The concept “Invisible College” first used by :

(A) Eugene Garfield

(B) Derek Solla Price

(C) Allent Kent

(D) Carl Savage

22. Who enunciated the term ‘hypertext’ ?

(A) E. Garfield

(B) Bill Gates

(C) Ted Nelson

(D) Raj Reddy

23. ‘Cranfield Project’ is an example of.................... .

(A) Experimental Research

(B) Survey Research

(C) Case Study

(D) Historical Research

24. IFLA took up the “Universal Availability of Publication” program in the year............... .

(A) 1973

(B) 1976

(C) 1972

(D) 1970

25. International Information System on Research in Documentation (ISORID) was

established by :





26. What is the relationship between ISBD and cataloguing codes ?

(A) They are not related at all

(B) Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description

(C) ISBD includes cataloguing rules

(D) ISBD can replace cataloguing rules

27. COPSAT stands for............... .

(A) Cooperative periodicals in science and technology

(B) Current online periodicals in science and technology

(C) Current online patent in science and technology

(D) Contents of periodicals in science and technology

28. The journal “Knowledge Organization” is published by :



(C) LA

(D) LC

29. Tagging in web 2.0 application is called :

(A) Taxonomy

(B) Folksonomy

(C) Syndication

(D) Directory

30. Inductive logic proceeds from :

(A) General to General

(B) Particular to General

(C) General to Particular

(D) Particular to Particular

31. CRG stands for :

(A) Committee for Rural Grant

(B) Classification Research Group

(C) Committee for Ranganathan Guild

(D) Classic Research Grant

32. Which of the following is not a “Graphic representation” ?

(A) Pie Chart

(B) Bar Chart

(C) Table

(D) Histogram

33. Match the following :

(1) Scientific Management (a) Peter Drucker

(2) Theory of Motivation (b) Maslow

(3) Theory of X and Y (c) F. W. Taylor

(4) MBO (d) McGregor

(A) 1—c, 2—b, 3—d, 4—a

(B) 1—b, 2—a, 3—c, 4—d

(C) 1—d 2—b, 3—a, 4—c

(D) 1—a, 2—d, 3—c, 4—b

34. Match the following :

List ‘A’ List ‘B’

(1) Chattopadhyaya (a) 1959 Committee Report

(2) Kothari Commission (b) 1942 Report

(3) Sinha Committee Report (c) 1986

(4) Fyzee Committee Report (d) 1966

Answer :

(A) 1 (c), 2 (d), 3 (a), 4 (b)

(B) 1 (d), 2 (c), 3 (b), 4 (a)

(C) 1 (b), 2 (d), 3 (c), 4 (a)

(D) 1 (d), 2 (b), 3 (a), 4 (c)

35. “Fair use” is a term most relevant to :

(A) Intellectual Property Right

(B) Books borrowed for home reading

(C) Copyright

(D) Use of reference books

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Thank you for your information

mayoor sir pls check the answers of 26, 29, and 30 again....its confusion

Had you added the same questions in LISlinks' Free online UGC NET / SLET Guide? 

Dear Mr nagabhushanam,

Pl check ans of que no. 24, 26. Thanks 

24th B

UBC - 1974

UAP- 1976

30. (B) Particular to General

Dear sir,

Thank you very much for sharing this type of Question and answers for UGG-NET and KVS previous year G.K. papers Feb 2011. This will helpful to librarian those who are preparing for their test.

Still if you get some more previous year question papers for KVS .G.K. for the librarian post Please share with us.

thanks with regards

Muthayammal Engineering College,Rasipuram,Namakkal Dt. Tamilnadu

o my dear frnds

please send me 2 KVS Exam Pa I II & III Ques..


Live with like

but i m aply 4 KVS Exm

plz qus.. guide 2 PAPER 1 2 & 3

sir can u give some explanation of Q.No.29 because i am confused for taking that Q.

answer is right.. tagging in web 2.0 is known as folksonomy


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