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Allocating Same Accession Number for the Lost / Replaced Book

Is there any rules from university of mumbai and AICTE regarding allocating the same accession number for the lost / replaced book?

For example: If a library book which was issued to a student is lost. The lost edition was 1st edition and now the book is not available in the market. So, he purchased new edition say 3rd edition. Is there any rule for Entry / Replacement in Accession Register.

Please suggest me other ways if any.

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I do not know any written rules, but we do replace the book with same or higher edition if lost by the user. We give same accession number to the replaced book. We believe that lost of books are lose to the library, even they paid cost of the book. 

If anyone is having any written rules please post it here.

There is no such rules from AICTE. We are taking same edition or updated edition.

Earlier we used to collect money from students but now we are purchasing from Amazon, Flipkart etc.. 

No, you can not allocate the same accession number to the book which is of 3rd edition.

 You can only assign the same acc. no. to the book which is of same author, publisher and even same edition.

Iam not aware of rules. 

But as a practice if you give a new accession number, it will be better. This will avoid any confusion later. If you give same accession number, you may find duplicate accession number books in your library later. 

There are no such rules. But we make the rules with the help of Library Committee

Give the same accession no to replace book .you can note down thevchange in edition or any other changes in the remarks column of accession register for future(any confusion).thanks


Please think of a case: the same person may return the old book or somebody may return the old book. If the replaced book is issued at that time, you may notice the problem. If the book is not returned, your circulation team may happily shelve the book thinking that they did some mistake and not issued the book earlier. To avoid this confusion, this is a good practice to give new accession number and write in remarks that book is replaced and given a new accession number. 


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