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Assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian & Librarian of Central Universities enjoy 62 as retirement age. It State Uinversities ( and colleges) it is 58 or 60. But the age of retirement of Faculty in Central Univ. is 65. There should be parity in...

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I agreed with Dr Partha that there should be a fixed retirement age in all university, colleges across in India and why not it should be 65, after all Librarians are as per with teaching professionals. At present it seems to be  in doldrums situation but things can be changed. If all the librarians come under one umbrella it can be achieved. I ask all library professionals to log their views in this thread and at the same time take a course of actions.Also thanks Dr Partha for raising this burning issue.

Best regards

Dr Kaushik Bose 

What is the use of  discussion ihere.

Seed a memorandum to UGC

Dear Dr.Ray,

first of all why should ugc & hrd delink librarians from other faculty and give down trodden treatment, at the same time

emphasising for higher qualifications, research and api scores for the librarians..I do not understand ugc 's expectations, highly qualified librarian's services with minimum  returns  compared to other staff  .It is a grate pleasure seeimg all the unions fighting for all their anamolies.We librarians also must bring the injustice meeted out by the 6th pc to the authorites..Blatent of all the atrocities is anouncement of the retirement age when we all fought and got the retirement age equal as that ofther faculty members, in 6th pc, ugc again played the same game dividing the staff by changing the designation,though the nature of work is the same. Why ugc did not change designation of librarians also as that professors,so that every time we do not have to start from scrach.I strongly hope at least now that whole India is fiighting aganist curruption and injustice , our concerned  authorities will see how unfair it is to have two types of retirement age fo for the staff with same type of working conditions,equal. qualifications. Due to lack of students some of the sections are beeing closed, but libraries will never have to face such a situation as every body needs the books as such librarians are ever in demand.I sincerely hope,at least now with out wasting national resources the authorties do the needful for librarians consulting with them and give same benifit of retirement age as 65 years to librarians, with out delay as3-4 years have already lapsed.

With best wishes,



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